Tasty Bingo

Don’t be Shy, Take a Bite

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When Tasty Bingo was released in March this year the online bingo community gained one of the best sites to have hit the bingo scene in a long while. Tasty Bingo is an outstanding example of where online bingo should be going in evolutionary terms, and where it is, indeed, going by the looks of things. Simple and easy on the eye, scroll wheel finger and the old bandwidth account, TastyBingo is an all round pleasure to visit.

For a number of years the community had been grumbling into its beer about the way the winds of change needed to blow the cobwebs off the online bingo industry and perhaps fan a fire under the unmentionables of several anonymous industry players at the same time. Apparently these concerns were taken very seriously by the powers that be behind TastyBingo.com and the site blew into town on a veritable hurricane of positive change.

Not only have the gripes regarding the eye scorching bling and over the top graphics with their eternal load times been addressed but the whole approach to how online bingo works has had a breath (or in this case a blast) of fresh air breathed into its tired, jaded body. The service at Tastybingo.com is crisp and efficient, the games selection is spot on and the promotions, bonuses and specials are innovative and interactive.

For instance Tasty Bingo.com doesn’t only offer the expected and relatively easy come, easy go cash bonus as a registration gift. New members can choose between a £20 cash amount or a TastyBingo presentation tin full of hand made Belgian chocolates and top class wines. These will certainly be around in the member’s home as a memento far longer than the cash is likely to last.

Without criminally overstating the obvious, online bingo is all about bingo at the end of the day and www.Tastybingo.com only offers the two most popular and frequently requested game variants namely 75 and 90 ball games. You’ll not find Outer Mongolian 37 ball bingo here (no offence meant to the Outer Mongolians) just what the players need to have on the site. These games each feature a separate progressive in the Choc Sundae and Banana Split games and all site specials and promotions make use of these games. Nice and simple.

Talking about promotions, this is another area where Tasty outdoes itself. The promotions are well thought out, offer real, solid value for money and, as in the case of their new Joy Pot promotion, have longevity. This promotion plays out well into 2011 and is offered on 4 of the groups sites.

All said, www.TastyBingo.com has taken the mandate of service provision given to all new sites by the community and thoroughly exceeded every expectation. Hopefully the bingo big guns with scorched unmentionables will listen to the whispers on the wind follow suite!