Up and Coming Bingo Payment Options

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As bingo players, we’re becoming much savvier on how we play online and what we do to protect ourselves. Because of this, the alternate payment method market is booming with a lot of new ones appearing online. Join us as we look into the next big things in online payments.


This type of method has already made its way to a few online bingo sites, though it has not been adopted by the majority as of yet. It’s a relative newcomer to the online payment market and is quite similar to PayPal. You store your card details with Safecharge and then they make payments as a middle man.

This means that your data is not being seen by the site owners and it is stored in their secure database. They also offer a one tap or click payment method, so it’s easier and faster for you to deposit too. It’s also possible to withdraw with this payment method, which is a point to be aware of with some payment methods.


Zimpler is a payment method that originates from Sweden, the land of online casinos. Some casinos from its native land have undertaken this payment method already, but it’s not super common in the UK yet. The emphasis with this payment is on safe mobile use that’s secured with a pin.

It’s similar to paying by phone bill but it has an extra layer of security when compared to that method. It’s a deposit only method, so you would be required to add in another payment method to withdraw anyway. If you like playing with mobile casinos then this could be the one stop option for you.

It’s linked to the phone using it and also to an account, so you can access it remotely for your convenience. It does mean that there’s not much point to using it if you prefer to play on desktop.


Cryptocurrency is being heralded as the next big thing in online currency. It’s called cryptocurrency because it’s not really a currency; it doesn’t belong to any country and there’s no physical coin for it.

Instead, you have a chain of code that you own that rises and falls in value depending on the demand for it.

One example of a cryptocurrency that you’ll probably have heard of is Bitcoin. This type of payment method has been adopted into the world of online casinos but online bingo players are still a bit wary. It is quite complicated for the outsiders, so if you’re not tech savvy then it may be a little daunting for you.

Breakout coin is another form of this currency, which is slightly easier for you to get to grips with. It’s just a matter of purchasing these coins and then using them online.

We can’t wait to see which ones of these payment methods becomes widely used within the bingo industry. Any way that you choose to get online and pay safely is a good one, then you can enjoy bingo games with ease.

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