Tombola gets New Director

In a move that surprised the gambling community, online bingo company Tombola Bingo have revealed that they have a brand new International Managing Director.

Manchester born Murray Chisholm, 41, is now sat the head of the proverbial table in his new role as the company’s International Managing Director.

Brief Background of Tombola Bingo

For those not familiar with the brand, Tombola Bingo was started about 50 years ago and are extremely passionate about providing players with a friendly and safe environment to play in.

They hold a gambling licence in Gibraltar and every aspect of their site is controlled in-house. This means they produce their own games and gambling software as well as provide extensive customer service to players on their site.

They have also expanded their brand into Italian and Spanish branches in 2011 and 2012 respectively.

All about Mr Chisolm

According to sources within Tombola Bingo, Mr. Chisholm will be based in their international offices in Gibraltar.

For anyone that’s concerned about how he will progress with the company don’t worry, this isn’t his first rodeo. Chisholm originally began his foray into the gambling circuit when he was a student as he used to work as a casino croupier for his local venue in Tyneside.

Then in 2003 he saw a vacancy for online gaming company Victor Chandler, which has subsequently become BetVictor. In this role he was tasked with managing the brand and expanding their casino, gaming and poker Customer Support department.

After spending some time in the companies Gibraltar offices Mr. Chisholm then moved back to the UK when his children were born. After the move he found employment in an early start-up company Tribeca Tables Poker, an online brand which thanks to Chisholm sold for $140m back in 2007.

From there he enjoyed a stint in Gala Coral as the head of their bingo and casino department. He quickly rose up the ranks and secured a position as the Business Development Director at Gala Interactive.

He then moved to the Rank Group where he was appointed Digital Development Director.

Chisholm explained it wasn’t long until he saw a vacancy within Tombola. But, the application process wasn’t a walk in the park for the experienced entrepreneur as he commented that there was a: “tough interview process.”

In regards to his success he added: “I felt it was my destiny, I had all the experience at the right level and I have deep knowledge of the market as well as Tombola.”

After that ‘tough interview’ it wasn’t long until Chisholm was contacted by Tombola and he was asked to join perhaps one of the biggest bingo site brands in the industry. In regards to this success, Mr. Chisholm said: “I was delighted to get the job.”

Currently he seems to be very happy in his role, although Tombola have still to comment on his performance so far. On the bright side he has years of experience in the gambling market so the brand is in good hands.

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