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A new online bingo site always bring excitement into the hearts of bingo fans worldwide. The new free bonuses, the new deposit bonuses. What would the games be like and what would the cash jackpots be. A question that rises many times is whether players could free trial the bingo before making any deposit. Well, every bingosite has its own features, bingo bonuses, cash prizes and themes. But one thing is for sure, its great fun to sit at home, play bingo and have a cup of tea while doing so.

Tea and Bingo at www.teaandbingo.com offer a variety of bingo promos that will appeal to any player, new and old. The no deposit welcome bonus is 100%, meaning – deposit £10 and get a £10 bonus. Ye, that means you actually get to play with 20 Pounds.

The game rooms are packed and great chat masters lead the games. Surprise gifts are occasionally tossed as giveaways and its all just a big funny mingle as chat, jokes, bingo calls, chat games and bingo shouts are raising the atmosphere. Additional change can be won by playing chat games – keep your eyes and ears open!

Tea and Bingo offer a wonderful selection of slot games. For those who don’t know these are the familiar slot machines found in every casino, adjusted for online gaming. So you have traditional online slots and video slots online. Just choose what you’d like to play.

The recent free bingo revolution hasn’t skipped Tea and Bingo. Playing at Teaandbingo you get offered a free bingo games. Every day at 7pm the first game is totally free and you can win 10 quid. Aint that swell. Now in addition, you can get “linxed” and play for 50p many games a day. Just look at the game board to check out which room offers these games. Why should you play them? There’s 8000 Pounds in cash prizes every day for you to take home.

Just to let you know. There’s another UK bingo site which was launched recently – Tea Time Bingo, and it runs on a different software therefore the bonuses are different. TeaTimeBingo offers a higher no deposit bonus – 15 Pounds as well as 200% reload bonus. Worth checking out.

Speaking of Prizes, Huge bingo jackpots await you, ranging from 1k to 1 million Pounds jackpots. Seriously!

We haven’t even mentioned the 3p and 2p games, the daily bingo happy hour as well as the many gifts and nifty things up for grabs in all kind of games. You are looking at many hours of fun, excitement and exploration. All in one great bingo site. So all you UK bingo lovers, login at www.teaandbingo.com or www.teaandbingo.co.uk and enjoy the eve.

You can also try out teaandbingo.co.uk or teaandbingo.com – google, yahoo or bing it and you’ll get exactly to where you should. Or you can click on one of the banners in this page in order to register or just sign in.

Don’t forget to pour yourself that nice cup of tea, relax on the couch, legs up and click away. Good luck.