Tasty Bingo Guaranteed Games

One of the best things about this site is the guaranteed jackpot games that they have to try out. These fun events come with cash prizes that appear in a variety of different shapes and size.

If you’ve never experienced these events then don’t worry as we’ve created a brief rundown of what you can expect.

Golden Delicious:

This game has a £500 cash jackpot to win a share of in the Golden Delicious game every single Wednesday at 9pm on Tasty Bingo. Tickets for this bingo game cost 50p, you can pre-buy a maximum of 72 cards and you will win cash by landing the Apple pattern on your card.

£2Mill Thrill:

Available every Saturday at 9pm in the ‘Bingo Jackpots’ tab this brilliant game has a minimum reward of £500 and a maximum of £2,000,000 to win. A unique feature is that the less calls it takes for you to win, the bigger your prize will be.

Also, you can pre-buy a maximum of 36 tickets and they will cost £1 each.

Friday Feast:

Fill up your stomach and your bank account with this game every Friday at 8:30pm. There’s a guaranteed share of £200 to win whenever you land a 1 line, 2 line or Full House win on your cards. You can have a maximum of 48 cards per game and they cost 20p each, so they’re relatively cheap.

After Eight:

End every day on a high note with this jackpot game. They’ve got guaranteed share of a £50 jackpot to win every night at 8pm when you land a win on the Coverall pattern on your cards.

You can pre-buy a maximum of 48 cards per game and they will cost you just 50p each, so you can get your hands-on some extra cash every night for a relatively low price.

Saturday Night Takeaway:

If you enjoy a nice Takeaway, then this is the game for you, every Saturday this site will give you the chance to take home £50 in cash.

You can play for this prize every Saturday at 7pm and to take home a reward you just need to land a win on the ‘S’ pattern.

Penny for a Pizza:

Last, but not least is their Penny for a Pizza jackpot game. Available every Thursday at 8pm this exclusive game lets you play for a £30 cash prize, which funnily enough is the same price of pizzas for two people!

They have a maximum pre-buy limit of 96 tickets for this game and they will only cost you 1p each, so it’s incredibly cheap to play. Plus you can use their Tasty Bingo mobile app to get your hands-on some extra funds whilst you’re out and about.

These brilliant jackpot games are available to play every week on the site. So if you fancy filling up your account with a lot of cash quick you won’t have to look far as there are plenty of opportunities to win big with Tasty Bingo!