Sun Bingo gets new members

Sun Bingo gets new members

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As news that the News Of The World newspaper would be winding up operations spread, uncertainty loomed over the fate of its associated online bingo site. Bingo members in the online bingo site worried about the continuation of bingo games that the popular news weekly hosted.

However the latest news confirms that the online bingo site associated with News Of The World, will merge with Sun Bingo, the associated online bingo site of The Sun, a popular news daily and a sister newspaper of the former leading weekly.

The news was confirmed with a statement from Barry Sage, Head of ‘News Of The World’, that appeared in the former bingo website. In the statement, Sage assured players that the show would go on for its bingo members.

Bingo members of the former newspaper bingo site can now easily enter their NOTW login credentials at Sun Bingo and continue to play bingo, deposit funds and even withdraw winnings.

Luckily for NOTW bingo site members, Sun Bingo operates on a similar platform and thus bingo players will already be in familiar grounds as they navigate within the site.

Since Sun Bingo enjoys the same popularity and has the backing of the brand name of the popular Sun news daily, former bingo members of NOTW bingo site can continue to play unhindered, as well as continue to enjoy the same perks that comes with playing in branded top bingo sites.

The unfortunate set of events can also be reassuring to players as bingo members can now play with greater confidence, assured in the knowledge that top bingo sites will always look out for the interest of its bingo members and ensure unhindered bingo gaming even in the face of setbacks.

So here’s wishing all former NOTW bingo members a happy transition to Sun Bingo.