Sun Bingo’s September Headlines

Front Page Bingo News!

Sun Bingo never fails to deliver a headline-grabbing array of online bingo promotions, and the site is packed with them in September. What better place to start than with the morning, after all, that’s when we wake up. Breakfast Club Rewards is a promo that is here to brighten up your mornings between now and Sunday 18th November. Each morning between 7am and 9am you can earn reward points which can later be exchanged for up to £100 worth of shopping vouchers.

When you’ve finished work for the day you can then look forward to some rewarding bingo jackpots that will be up for grabs. Sun Bingo has organised £5k at 5pm, a promo packed with Linked games to revitalise your day after a boring stint in work. There a total of 13 Linked Games that will be played between 5pm and 6pm; 10 of these feature £250 full house prizes. The remaining three games will have £300 full house prizes playing at 5pm, 5.30pm and 6pm.  The Link Games will continue to take place each evening at Sun Bingo with the next series beginning at 7pm. Big Money Link Games will be giving out £500 guaranteed bingo jackpots every half hour between 7pm and 9.30pm. However, there is a massive exception to these games because there is an even bigger full house prize of £1,000 to be won at 9pm.

As if we hadn’t covered enough promo ground – three thus far – Sun Bingo is also currently running Festival Bingo until Sunday 16th September. Roomies are currently enjoying £5 daily cashback bonuses in this promo. To bag these bingo bonuses you need to play in Bingo 90 games during the following time frames: 9am to 10am, 2pm to 3pm and 9pm to 10pm.

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