Refer a Friend Bingo Bonuses

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There are tons of bonuses and promotions you can pick up when you join a bingo site and each one has their own unique approach to player rewards.

One such bonus that’s popular with players is the refer a friend bonus.

What Is This Bonus?

The refer a friend bingo bonus is pretty straight forward and easy enough to follow.

What it basically involves is a bonus that’s given to you when you refer a friend to a bingo site. Each site out there has their own unique approach to it and some offer rewards ranging from bonus cash to bingo tickets or even vouchers to spend online.

How does it Work?

Since it’s so simple this bonus is incredibly easy to use, all you need to do is join a bingo site and then tell a friend to register.

As your buddy is signing up they will be asked if they were referred, they then need to enter your alias. After they’ve registered your alias on the site they then usually need to make a deposit or spend a specific amount of cash on the site.

Once they meet the specifications set by the site you will then qualify for the refer a friend bonus that they provide.

Different Types of Bonus

The best thing about the online bingo tell a friend bonus is that there are a number of different types of this reward to take advantage of.

For example, you could pick up some bonus cash like £10 or £20 for each friend that you sign up to the site. The other version you can get is coupons or vouchers from the likes of Love2Shop or Amazon, these are normally worth £10 and you will be given one for each friend you help sign up.

Another version you could encounter is a bonus percentage of your friend’s first deposit. So if your friend signs up and they make their first deposit you could receive 10% or more from that top-up.

Terms and Conditions to Consider

If you plan on taking advantage of this bonus there are a few things you should probably be aware of before you start encouraging your friends to join a site.

To start off, you need to make sure your friend hasn’t had an account on the site they’re signing up to before. Also, you should probably check what exactly your reward consists of as sometimes they may advertise £5 free but this could be £5 worth of bingo tickets to spend.

Bingo Sites with This Bonus

The majority of bingo sites out there provide this offer in some shape or form, so to make things a little easier we’ve picked out a couple of what we think are the best refer a friend bonuses on bingo sites you can try out.


You can pick up £5 worth of loyalty points every time your friends join up with this great online bingo site.


Help a friend join this site and you can pick up a £5 bonus from the 5,000 Star Points they give you for each buddy that joins.


On this mobile centric bingo site, you can take home £5 free and 50% of your each of your friend’s first deposits.


Every time you encourage one of your friends to sign up you will be given an Amazon voucher worth £10.

With so many great rewards up for grabs when your buddies join up, you definitely should be recommending the bingo site you play on to as many of your friends as you can.

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