Red Bus Bingo Celebrate their 2nd Birthday with a £1K Bingo Game

Red Bus Turns 2!

Who would have thought that it has now been 2 years since the popular bingo site Red Bus Bingo was first launched? I can remember when this free bingo site first appeared on our radar nearly 2 years ago and it’s amazing to see how it has grown significantly. Not all bingo sites manage to hold a position within this very crowded market for 2 years but Red Bus Bingo has managed to secure its place as one of the leading bingo sites on the web and hope to continue to hold this position for the near future.

To celebrate its 2 year birthday, there is no need to for you to rush down to the shop and get a birthday card or gift as Red Bus Bingo will be the one that is handing out the gifts this month (I wish all birthdays worked this way). On Saturday 28th April at 8pm, a special Red Bus Bingo Birthday Special jackpot bingo game will be played where the total prize money available to be won will be £1,000! Not bad if you ask me! This is broken down to, the single line winner winning £200, the double line winner winning £300 and the full house winner adding a nifty extra £500 to their balance. With the tickets for this exclusive bingo game only costing 10p each, make sure that you are part of the promotion. Tickets are available to pre-purchase and are on sale now.

Let’s hope that Red Bus Bingo can continue to lead the way over the next 2 years with even more fantastic bingo promotions. With this being one of the leading sites offering amazing free bingo jackpots it will find it difficult to beat its last 2 years track record.