Red Bus Bingo’s Pop-Culture Treats!

Red Bus Bingo Offer Movie, Theatre and Telly Treats

Red Bus Bingo love to bring free bingo fans EXACTLY what they want, so they try to incorporate everything bingo fans love into their bingo games. Take their selection of Theatre, Movie and TV based bingo games for example!

Movies tend to be a bit like buses – there’s nothing (good) for ages then 2 come along at once! For all the time in between the really great films that you WANT to use your Orange Wednesdays for, there’s Pics for a Penny. Playing every single Wednesday at 9.30pm, this little treat plays out within the £30 for 1p at Red Bus Bingo. Don’t worry if you’re more of a musical maid than a movie buff – just head to Red Bus Bingo’s £200 West End. Every other Thursday you could be doo-whopping and bee-bopping in the West End room where £200 is up for grabs at just 50p a ticket.

Soap fans aren’t left out; they have the Telly Hour every Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm! British fans of UK bingo sites will know that this is Eastenders time, but don’t worry, you won’t miss it! In fact, you NEED to have one eye on your telly and the other on your computer because questions in this bingo game will be based on the episode of Easties airing that night! This little number is free and could win you a massive 2,000 joy points!

To be in with a chance of playing these fun-filled fancies, head to Red Bus Bingo and make a deposit! You will receive an online scratchcard to determine which welcome bonus could be yours, which could even be a massive 2000%! You are then free to indulge in any of these entertainment crazy bingo promotions AND you can join in their £100 Penny Pinchers, Team Bingo, Big Ben Bonanza and even their £1000 Free Daily!