Raining Cash at Jackpot Joy

If you’re looking for something to keep yourself amused this April then you should head over to Jackpot Joy. This online bingo provider is giving its players the opportunity to take part in a promotion that could land you a share of a huge jackpot prize.

What’s Going On?

For a limited time only, Jackpot Joy are going to be running a brilliant bingo game that will let you take a shot at a share of a £13,000 prize pool.

This special bingo game is available as part of the sites April Showers competition and it will be available to play on the 24th of April at 9:45pm. A great feature of this game is that the prizes you can win are pretty large and each one corresponds to a specific type of win that you can land on your cards as it plays out.

For example, if you were to land a one-line win on your card in this 90 ball bingo game you would be given a large £1,000 cash prize to take home with you. Or if you were to fill in two complete lines on your bingo card you would be rewarded for your efforts with a £2,000 prize.

Finally, the top prize of £10,000 that they’ve got up for grabs can be yours when you land a Full House win on your cards.

How to Join In

To try your luck at taking one of those cash prizes you just have to head over to the site on the 24th and enter their April Showers bingo game.

You don’t have to complete any special criteria or perform specific tasks to jump in as you can just buy tickets for the game. A ticket for this event cost only 50p each, so they’re really cheap and the doors for this bingo game open half an hour before the game starts.

Any Other Offers?

This jackpot game isn’t the only fun thing you can try out on the site as there are tons of other great competitions and promotions to check out on Jackpot Joy, we’ve picked out a few of our favourites.

Casino Cashback

Once you’ve cleared out that ‘April Showers’ game you could take advantage of their ‘Cashback King’ offer. This brilliant bonus will let you claim a casino cashback every Wednesday throughout April to let you pick up some extra cash from your favourite games.

To claim this offer you just need to spend a minimum of £50 on casino or casino mini-games every Wednesday until the 29th of April. Once you’ve met the minimum wagering target you will have your cashback bonus credited to your account the following day.

Playoff Palace

The other offer you can check out on this site is the ‘Play off Palace’. Running every day on the site this brilliant bingo game will let you pick up tickets to the special daily and weekly jackpot games on the site in the same room.

For example, if you land a one-line, two-line or Full House on your cards on certain games in this room before 8pm you will be given a cash prize and six tickets to the jackpot game at 8:45pm the next day. You will also be given another set of six tickets that you can spend on the weekly big jackpot game on the following Sunday at 9:15pm.

So, if you’re looking for something fun to play this April, then head over to Jackpot Joy and check out one of their fantastic promotions. These offers will always guarantee to entertain and reward you when you take part!


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