Love is In the Air at Lucky Touch Bingo

It seems that as Valentine’s Day quickly approaches, everyone over at Lucky Touch Bingo has been bit by the love bug as this top bingo site has launched a series of romance themed promotions for their smitten players to enjoy.

Made for Each Other

First up is their ‘Made for Each Other’ promotion, this unique offer will allow you and the one you care about the benefit from your love through the world of bingo.

How it works is you contact the sites Live Help with your partner’s registration and name, then when they make a deposit you will receive a 25% bonus on top of the cash they stick into their account. They can then do the same with your details and you can both benefit from bonuses throughout the month whenever either of you top-up your account.

Let’s Speak Love

But the fun at Lucky Touch Bingo doesn’t end there because there’s also their ‘Lets Speak Love’ event. This exclusive offer will give you the chance to scoop up an Amazon Voucher by spelling out the word ‘L-O-V-E’ on your bingo card.

However, there’s a catch to this event and that is the phrase will change into a different language each week throughout the month.

For example at the beginning of the month it was originally in Spanish with ‘AMOR’, then after that it shifted to the Swedish ‘Karlek’. From there it will then go on to the Irish ‘GRA’ before ending on the German ‘LIEBE’.

To enter this game all you need to do is make a minimum deposit of £25 into your account and then play bingo whilst trying to spell out those words each week. It’s a simple process, but it’s quite tricky to pull off so if you fancy a challenge, then you should check this one out.

Valentines Bingo Jackpots

Finally the last thing you can try in this sites list of love themed promotions is their Valentines bingo Jackpots.

There are three different types of bingo jackpots to play for throughout the month, there’s the Daily, the Weekly and the Monthly prizes and each one has a different prize to win a share of.

For example, in the Daily games there’s a large £250 prize pool to siphon off some cash from, whilst in the Weekly bingo games there’s a bigger £500 jackpot to take a chunk out of. Finally, if you really want to play for big money prizes, then you should check out the monthly games as there’s a colossal £1,000 fund to funnel off some cash from.

Each of these games can be entered once you’ve earned tickets to them and you can do this easily by just topping up your account with cash. You need to put in a minimum of £10 and the more money you put in the more tickets to these big paying games you’ll get.

So if you want to enjoy the most romantic month of the year in style then why not check out one of these awesome promotions available on this site!