Kindle Fire Bingo

As many may remember, just a few years ago the Kindle was no more than a humble e-reader, designed as a handy device on which one could store as many books as they wished without needing to carry them all around with them. However, with the invention of the Kindle Fire, the Kindle has become a serious contender on the market for tablet devices.

Of course, as more and more people use the Kindle Fire for their online activities, the same is true for bingo fans. Therefore, many sites are now aiming their games towards the Kindle market, creating Kindle Fire Bingo and casino games for players using the device to enjoy.

What are the pros and cons of using kindle fire for bingo?

So, should you be using a Kindle Fire for your bingo activities? First of all, let’s weigh up some of the advantages and disadvantages of the device as a gaming tool.

To begin with, Kindle Fire should be well matched with almost every kind of bingo game, because it uses the Android 4.0 operating system which is designed to be able to work on gaming sites and Kindle Fire Bingo Games. However, there have been issues in the past between the Android system and how compatible it is with specific bingo games. Perhaps you should check reviews of your prepared bingo sites to find out how well they work on Kindle devices.

Another thing to consider with these devices is the size of the screen. Using a smaller device, such as a mobile, will mean having to deal with lower graphics quality and lower resolution than you would have on a larger screen, such as a Kindle Fire.

Finally, it may be more difficult to use your chosen website on a Kindle Fire, as opposed to a desktop device, as not all sites are configured for Android devices. On some Kindle Fire apps bingo is available, but it is not as prevalent as can be found online.

How is kindle fire different from other tablets?

Initially, you might expect the Kindle Fire to be more or less the same as any other tablet. However, it comes with some extra special features which may go some way towards explaining its immense popularity on the market.

To begin with, there is the “Mayday” button, which Kindle Fire users can utilise to be immediately and directly connected to a technical support agent, no matter what time of day it is.

If you don’t want to break the bank, then the Kindle Fire is definitely the cheaper option. Currently, an iPad Mini will go for between £100-£350. Meanwhile, Kindle Fire tends to be more in the £50 – £200 price range.

3 Top Kindle Fire compatable sites:

If you’re looking to play bingo on your Kindle Fire device, then here are some of the best sites which offer bingo jackpots, promotions and free bingo Kindle Fire games:

Wink bingo: Offers loads of enticing promotions including a welcome offer with a 400% welcome bonus for all new players on the site.

Glossy bingo: This Glitzy Glamorous site is sure to “Wow” you with their fantastic 250% welcome bonus.

Cheers bingo: Raise your glass in celebration at all of the exciting promos available for you on this fantastic site. Sign up today and you can enjoy a 200% bonus on your first deposit of £10, plus a free spin on the bonus wheel!

If you’re looking for a new device to play bingo and casino games on, you could definitely do worse than a Kindle Fire. You can check online for more information on prices and advantages to this fun little gadget.

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