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If you do you have come to the right online bingo site Gossip bingo, filled with loads of Gossip snips, so get updated on the celebrity news a few easy clicks away, Gossip bingo is not only for playing games but adds some variety to your on line bingo life so you can share the Gossip with bingo buddies on Gossipbingo.co.uk As this is being written they have officially passed the 2000 fans mark on Facebook, a good indicator that this relatively new site is going only one way and that is up, actually I just noticed a boost, join their fan page and get two quid.

Gossip bingo’s promos

As all of my favorite online bingo sites the key for me is that free no deposit welcome bonus, I find it extremely considerate of online bingo sites to offer a freebie to newbies, a generous handshake as a welcome into their site and it’s quite impossible to refuse a free ride, don’t you agree? Gossipbingo will give you £5 so you can head on into their super doper online bingo games and see if the Gossip is up to par in the CH rooms where you can connect with like minded folks Gossip away and at the same time have loads of fun. When you finally have made you decision Gossipbingo will give you £25 free bonus, all you have to do is deposit a tenner, grab the cash and play and Gossip…Gossip and play to your heart’s content, all future deposits will get matched by 50%, Gossip bingo is really making sure you will be a long staying welcome guest. Enjoy the free bingo and free chats once you have registered for that endless fun of playing online bingo games on Gossip bingo. Also a nice touch is the extra bonus for inviting a friend you can get a tenner so you and your pal can partake in the juicy Gossip. Join the highlight of the week and play 75 ball bingo in the Fame and Fortune room, get your tickets in advance so as not to miss this weekly chance of winning £1m, and you can day dream all week on how you are going to spend it, and good luck to you! There is also the guaranteed bingo jackpot of £1,000 so there is a good chance that you will come out a winner. Progressive jackpots up for grabs, no explanation needed on Gossipbingo, check it out and see if you can crack the code, but the point is it doesn’t need cracking just winning.

Gossip Bingo’s instant games

Gossip bingo has loads of the most modern and up to date slots, instant wins, scratch cards, casino games and keno games to choose from, I just love the way the games are getting more and more realistic.


One whole page just dedicated to make life easy for you if you have any questions.

Last but not least…

Banking: Gossipbingo will take the following credit cards and methods of payment: paysafe, neteller, Ukash,visa, mastercard, switch and solo, there are more, but just to name a few.