Playing Bingo on Facebook

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With bingo being the sensation it is, it seemed there was only a matter of time before it joined forces with the other big love of every single person with access to the internet:  Facebook!  That’s right – Facebook Bingo has taken the world by storm for quite some time, but it has recently been experiencing a massive boom in popularity that has seen the introduction of some brand spanking new Bingo on Facebook, as well as the growth of existing mega popular apps.

Bingo on Facebook has really taken off, and though there is literally thousands of terrific Facebook Bingo options, Bingo Blitz seems to be at the forefront of the bingo boom!  Boasting 2,700,000 monthly active users, this Facebook Bingo app sensation impresses from the get-go!  Every day you receive completely free bingo credits  and you’re given a ticket on arrival every day.   Each daily card requires you to reach a certain XP Level to obtain it, but even the very first bingo card that you receive will have you addicted.  This little game doesn’t just treat you to higher XP and coins when you bingo, it also gives you kooky little extra’s like a treasure chest which you can open to reveal your prizes!  After this you are unleashed upon the impressively extensive games lobby featuring a massive collection of speciality rooms based on fantastic cities of the world, but you have to unlock enough levels to reach each room.

Not only is their masses to do at Bingo Blitz, it looks amazing too, so it’s understandable that this is one of the very biggest of the Facebook Bingo games, but it is not alone!  Facebook Bingo Island also boasts over 600,000 active monthly users and looks just as great as Bingo Blitz. Rewarding you with 5000 free pearls so you can play the game for free, this little gem is a worthy competitor to Bingo Blitz’s massive popularity.

These are but 2 of the most popular Bingo on Facebook, but there are many more where these came from!  Avatingo is one game that revolutionises bingo playing by allowing you to create an avatar and walk about “Tingo Town” heading into various buildings to play bingo!  Then there’s Skill Bingo – a different little twist on Bingo in which the balls pop up and you choose to “Accept” or “Reject” – it’s speedy, its’ fun and it’s addictive!

With online bingo becoming the massive sensation it currently is, it’s next natural step was to jump onto Facebook!  It has definitely succeeded in becoming a global marvel, with fans of these Facebook Bingo games growing in numbers by the day!  Due to the amazing amount of top-notch Facebook Bingo apps, more and more people have been swarming in droves to places like Bingo Blitz, Facebook Bingo Island and tonnes more and getting a real thirst for the game!