Earn Free Tickets to the next £25,000 Joypot Bingo Game

Free Joy Pot Tickets up for Grabs at Joy of Bingo

Free bingo games are becoming extremely popular nowadays with almost every online bingo site promoting this feature.  You might be lucky enough to win a pound or two playing the free bingo games available but who would have thought that you could win £25,000 by playing a bingo game where the tickets are absolutely free!  The Joypot starts each year with a massive £100,000 in its bank and promises to pay this all out during 4 exciting Bingo Games throughout the year.  In order to earn free tickets for this game, you need to earn Joypoints from any of the Joy of Bingo participating Bingo Sites.

These include Red Bus Bingo, Wink Bingo, Bingo Street, Tasty Bingo and Posh Bingo.  Every time you play bingo games or instant win games on any of these 5 sites, you earn Joypot points.  The more joypot points you earn then the more free bingo tickets you will have for the next game.  The next £25,000 joypot bingo game will be played on the Free Bingo Site, Wink Bingo.  This game will be played on Sunday 30th October and you are able to earn free tickets towards this game up until 23rd October.

If for whatever reason you do not accumulate enough Joypoints to play this free bingo game, then these can be purchased for £2 each.  Close your eyes and think about what you would do with an extra £25k in your bank.  The list is endless! It’s important that you do not miss the opportunity to win this money so make sure you either earn enough joypoints to play free tickets or buy a few from the pre-purchase tab now.  This is one of the best bingo games available.

All Joy of Bingo Sites have dedicated Free Bingo rooms and are all No Deposit Required Sites.  If you are not a member of all 5 of these then make sure you bridge that gap immediately to maximise your joypoints to earn free bingo tickets.  You have nothing to lose.