Brand New Bingo Sites

Some people think that only older sites pay out prizes because they’ve been around long enough to have acquired a huge budget. Some online bingo sites even give out prizes such as luxurious cruises, jewellery, electronic items, gift certificates, and more. Brand new bingo sites are just as capable of conjuring up some big prize magic. Here are our favourites…

Best New SitesQuick Review (T&C's apply)Time to Play
1. WTG Bingo
Up to 500 Free spins welcome bonus
This site guarantees that you continue to get the VIP treatment this year: not only do you get a generous welcome bonus - spin the wheel for up to 500 free spins! [read more...]

WTG Bingo
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2. Lucky Cow Bingo
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All you slots fans out there - listen up: this smashing new site gives you 20 FREE spins on titles such as "Chilli Heat" All you have to do is spin the wheel after each and every deposit you make. There are also free bingo games, and lots more to grab your attention!

Lucky Cow BingoNew FUN is in the air!

Online bingo is extremely popular and there are hundreds of prizes being given out daily. Some are small cash prizes while others are huge jackpot prizes. Take your time choosing from sites just out of the box and conduct a proper review.

How to Review the Latest Sites

There are a few factors worth taking into consideration when reviewing which of the latest crop of new sites to join:

The Size of the Prize

In general, the more popular a site is, the more money it has for prizes. There have been thousands of lucky winners over the past few years, and the number is rising daily. That said, while older sites can afford to pay out huge prizes, it doesn’t mean that the newest sites aren’t worth the time and effort.  In fact, there are often more chances to win at newer sites than at well-established bingo destinations.  The prizes may not always be as big, but they’re still worth playing for. The latest bingo sites know that they are up against stiff competition, so they do everything they can to not only attract players, but to keep them as well.

The Social Side

The great thing about playing bingo as opposed to other online gambling games is that bingo is a social game of luck and having a great chat can be as entertaining as winning. With just a £10 you can have great time for weeks and members can play for their chance to win thousands in prizes!  Even if someone only wins £50 at a new site, it’s still a lot of money compared to the little bit they gambled with.

The Variety

Another great thing about new sites is that they offer a variety of games.  They know that in order to attract as many players as possible, they need to offer a lot of excitement.  It’s not uncommon for a new bingo site to offer slots, scratch cards, and mini games in addition to bingo.  Tournaments are often held as well, which usually reward winners with bigger prizes than those of regular games.  Since new sites are popping up every single month, there are always great new prizes for UK players to look forward to.  We recommend reading the reviews of fresh new sites and signing up to 4 or 5; you will receive information on promotions by email and from there choose the most attractive new sites on offer.

The BIG Question

There is an elephant in our brand new bingo room:

Can I trust new bingo sites?

The answer is YES: learn how… Many bingo players are unsure as to whether or not they can trust new sites.  With older sites, there are many reviews and testimonials online from players who’ve had past experiences with them.  There obviously isn’t much known about the latest bingo offerings since they’ve yet to prove themselves as worthy bingo communities. If you want to know if you can trust a new bingo site, then you’ll be glad to know that there are ways in which you can do background checks on it before signing up:

Top Trustworthiness Tip

PayPal is especially known for being picky with the companies and merchants it associates itself with, so sites that accept payments from them is more than likely to be reputable.

  • Look through the site itself and carefully look over all the information.
  • Check out the payment methods that a new site accepts. If it accepts a variety of different payment methods, then the chances of you getting ripped off are low. This is because Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, Money Bookers, PayPal, etc. wouldn’t all associate themselves with a company that gives them any cause to be suspicious.
  • Keep in mind that in the UK, there are strict licensing laws concerning online casino and bingo sites, so make sure you familiarize yourself with them.
  • Any respectable site, whether old or new, should display a license logo somewhere throughout the site.  Click on them and look over the site’s licensing and registration information. It should be licensed by a respectable jurisdiction, such as ones located in the United Kingdom, Gibraltar, and Malta. While there may not be much information about the new site itself, you may still be able to find information about its licensing body.
  • Another way you can determine if a new site is trustworthy is by checking to see it has a Responsible Gaming or Responsible Online Gambling disclaimer somewhere on the main page.  Usually, it will be displayed at the bottom.  Respectable bingo and casino sites always have some kind of disclaimer warning players of the potential dangers of gambling addictions.
  • Read the terms and conditions and FAQ of new sites. Compare them with the information provided at an older, respectable site. Most importantly, do these bingo sites pay out real money?

Another idea is to visit only websites that were launched by experienced and popular online gaming companies and that have a quality look and feel. See our list of brand new trusted bingo sites at the top of this post or click here.

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