Bingo Site Revamps

To keep up with new technology, some older sites tend to go through a makeover period so they can come back better than ever. These new look bingo sites can be much better than their predecessors in more ways than one.

Top New Look Bingo Sites

If you’re looking for a bingo site with all of the integrity of a long standing one but the up to date feel of a new one then we suggest the following:

Wink Bingo – This site goes through changes all the time, so you can expect to see quite a few different layouts. Recently, they changed their site to reflect the theme of carefree fun, something we all need a little more of. They also changed their welcome offer, though you still get more with our WINKBINGO60 code.

Bingo Hollywood – Players on this site are treated to the best looking promotions and bonuses. The most recent revamp of this site took place in 2016 and made it look so much better. They added in a no deposit bonus for the relaunch of their site, giving new players 25 free spins and 25 free bingo tickets.

As always, take a look at terms and conditions on site before claiming.

Why Do Bingo Brands Usually Redesign Their Sites?

There are many reasons that a site may go through a website redesign including:

  • To accommodate new games.
  • To add in mobile compatibility.
  • To make the site look and feel more modern.
  • Because of a change in software or network.
  • As a result of player demand for a better site.
  • To add in new bonuses or promotions and make them easier to claim.
  • To make the site flow a bit better and become more accessible.
  • A part of the site may not be working correctly, so it may be replaced.
  • The theme of the site may no longer be popular or design trends may have changed since the site was built.

All in all, the reasons behind most of these changes are to offer as much as other bingo sites. There’s stiff competition out there, so if a site is lacking then players will head off somewhere else.

Some older bingo sites enjoy the benefits of a great reputation, but if they start to become outdated then this is of little use. Many reputable bingo sites were built before mobile gaming was popular but the successful ones have been modernised.

A site may not be modernised because the operators may feel that it costs too much to do so, but these quickly become ghost towns when this is the case. Most bingo sites recognise the need for a bit of maintenance and improvements where possible.

How Does A New Look Benefit Players?

A brand new bingo site offers a wealth of benefits for new players, such as:

  • Usually there are new bonuses to kick off a redesigned site.
  • There’s an overall better player experience.
  • You may be privy to more games than ever.
  • A software change might give you more reliable and frequent games.
  • Added mobile compatibility gives more flexibility on how you can play.
  • The site may be brought in line with what more popular bingo brands are doing, so you won’t need to switch sites to get the same promotions.

With some updates to bingo sites, the benefits are purely superficial but if the site itself has undergone changes then there will be further benefits.

Have a play on one of these revamped bingo sites and discover what’s changed for their players. A site that once did not appeal to you might just become your new favourite if you do.

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