Bingo Hollywood’s Team Bingo Competition

Bingo Hollywood to the Rescue!

When a character needs rescued in a film it always takes a Hollywood star to come along and rescue them. We all need rescued at the moment with the dismal rain currently wreaking havoc on the British summertime and depriving us of fun. PayPal bingo site Bingo Hollywood is coming to your rescue this weekend with an exciting promo to keep you entertained. Summer Spectacular is a team bingo competition where you will play to help your group achieve supremacy over the competition. Starting Friday (13th July) you will be playing as part of a rag tag group of bingo players trying to get it together and play as a team – will you be able to co-operate?

It is in your interest to help your team get things together because there is a prize of 1,000,000 Star Points (SPs) up for grabs – not too shabby! If won, the SPs can secure you some incredible bingo bonuses or else be traded in for some crispy cash. Like we said above, the action starts on Friday but make sure you don’t forget the kick-off time of 7pm in the Superstars room. The online bingo fun will be concluding at 11pm and during this allotted time frame it will be the goal of you and your team members to try and bingo as much as possible. Each bingo is worth 10 tournament points and will help to drive you towards bagging the SPs.

Make sure to monitor the current position of your team in the tournament because the prizes distributed are considerably different: first place, 1 million SPs; second place, 500k SPs; third place, 300k SPs; fourth place, 200k SPs. Bingo Hollywood is here to rescue your weekend from the dismal British summer.

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