Bingo Blast 

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Bingo Blast is one of the best new social bingo games around. This just for fun app invites players to enjoy 75 ball bingo without spending any cash if they don’t want to – however there’s the option for in-app purchases if you prefer. The app is totally separate from Facebook too, making it completely mobile. However again there’s also an option to connect to the social media site to compete against friends or ask for gifts and so on.


If you’ve played a just for fun bingo game you’ll get the gist of how the Bingo Blast game works. The game follows the 75 ball rules, so presents players with a 5×5 grid of numbers between 1 and 75, with the letters B, I, N, G and O across the top of each column, and of course a free space in the middle. The aim of the game is still the same, daub off your numbers as the balls are called in order to get a bingo by completing a full horizontal, vertical or diagonal line. Games are timed to just over 1 minute per round. However this game is slightly different as it offers more personalisation and extra ways to win.

For example, instead of having to wait for a bingo caller, the numbers are set at your own pace. Numbers are called out, however it’s up to players to move onto the next ball if they can’t find the number on their grid. This means that you can go faster than usual, with more numbers called in the time frame giving you more chance to get a bingo.

Not only this, there’s the option for players to get more than one bingo per game. That means that if you hit bingo by completing a full line, you should still keep forwarding the numbers. This gives you the chance to get even more bingos in a single round, which means more than one prize per game! This is a great alternative to online games where you have lots of separate tickets to sift through to try and match a line.


If you can keep your eye on the ball, a good strategy is to race through the balls as fast as you’re able to. This allows for more numbers to be called, giving you a better chance of getting at least 1 bingo per round.


The design of this game is pretty basic, which is ideal for phone users as there’s no confusion or complicated ways to operate the game. Each level is also based on a city which takes up the backdrop and makes a nice setting for the game.


You can play Bingo Blast free on a number of mobile and tablet devices. The game is readily available in Apple’s App store for those with an iPhone or iPad, and is similarly available in the Google Play store for Android tablet or smartphone owners. Kindle Fire users can even download the game to their device too! Unfortunately however there’s no Bingo Blast online game, as the site directs players to the app with no option to play there.