Bingo Beach

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If you’re lacking some sun, sea and sand this great new app is the one for you. Bingo Beach has a fun and bright style that will have you feeling sunny. This free game has no equal on the market so it’s offering a unique experience to its players.

This new twist on classic bingo will help keep you amused no matter where you are. You can play against other players and chat to them too, so it’s fun and social. There are so many innovative new items like the Daub and Bingo Spotters, which will have you winning in no time at all. These special items will appear randomly and boost your score or you can buy them with in game currency if you need a helping hand.

How to play

It’s a 75 ball game with 25 square cards, including your free space, and you’ll be playing for in game points to unlock other options like more cards and exclusive rooms. There are also themed collectables that you can find or buy with your points. There are even tournaments that you can take part in with other players so you can prove that you’re the champion of Bingo Beach.

The game’s cute cat mascot will guide you through a world of winnings as you relax and unwind at the beach. There are loads of landscapes and beaches from all around the world for you to discover as you play through the game too, so there’s never a dull moment. The music and sound effects will also immerse you in the beach experience as you hear the waves crashing while your score hits high tide. There’s no need to feel overcast with this relaxing game, it’s all the rest and relaxation you’ll need.

How to access Bingo Beach

You can get the Bingo beach game on any Android device or on your iPad or iPhone too. Anyone can play Bingo beach and it’s so easy to get started with this cute and colourful game. Just download the app from the Apple or Google Play store and it will download and install quickly. Bingo Beach iPhone and Android smartphone edition allows you to play with two cards but if you play Bingo Beach Android on a tablet or on your iPad you’ll get four cards to play with at once.

You can log in with your Facebook account too and invite your friends to play, or even just show off how well you’re doing. Plus you’ll get loads of bonuses, points and prizes for inviting your friends to join in the fun, so the more the merrier at this beach party.

If you want to give this game a go get downloading now, you’ll be surprised at how much fun you can have with this fun and competitive game.