All aboard for Cruise Alaska at Bingo Cove

All aboard for Cruise Alaska at Bingo Cove

It is time to reward the patience of bingo players who have been faithfully collecting bingo points and waiting earnestly for August to set sail across the seven seas. That’s right. The wait is over or at least nearing its end…only ONE more day to go for the much awaited Cruise Alaska game at Bingo Cove, just one of the bingo sites that are hosting this promotion.

Since February 2011, players have been waiting for the arrival of August. While you wait for the dawn of the new day, you can still enjoy various other bingo games, scratchcard games, coverall jackpots, slots at Bingo Cove.

Come August 6 and Bingo Cove site is going to be packed with bingo players as they wait with bated breath to see the fruit of their patience. While tickets to this bingo promotion have been available for pre purchase for quite a long while now, players also had the chance of collecting points and redeeming them for free bingo cards. If you have 2000 points in your kitty you have saved enough for one free bingo card to this game. The more points you have, the more number of free bingo cards you can win here.

And as the countdown begins, here is a quick refresher for what’s in store for the lucky winners of this game. The top bingo prize is of course a seven day cruise to Alaska. Don’t worry about having no money to enjoy the cruise. There is also a whopping £2,000 gifted to you as spending money on the cruise. WOW!!!

The other winners also have great things to cheer about. Four line winners will walk away £4,000, 3 line winners with £3,000, double line winners with £2,000 and finally the single line winner with £1,000.

Those of you who just had two more to go or one more to go to get a full house; do not be disappointed. Bingo Cove will be giving out a total of £1,000 that will divided equally between all 2TG players and a further £2,000 to be divided between all 1TG players.

So keep your fingers crossed and best of luck.