£5k Game at Bingo3X

Bingo 3X Giving Away £5,555!

In life it is always a great feeling to suddenly discover something new that has just burst on to the scene. And, it’s an even better feeling when your new discovery proves worthy of all the praise and hype surrounding it; Bingo3X is an example of this phenomenon and we it love it for it! Bingo3X has taken the bingo world by storm with its imaginative promotions as well as incorporating the latest trends, for instance, PayPal Bingo.

After that gracious intro it is now time to tell you about a new promo to watch out for. On 12th August there is a special online bingo game taking place which has been named Take £5k. Now, you might think that Bingo3X would favour the number three; well it still does. However, during the summer Bingo3X would like to show some love to the number five, and that’s because it allows them to give away even more money! A total bingo jackpot of £5,555 has been organised by the site, stirring a flurry of activity among players who are snapping up tickets which are now on sale. At present you can purchase bingo tickets for 55p each, but when you purchase five you will also get five free tickets for The Bingo Games which plays at the end of August – amazing value!

There are thousands of pounds to be won in this game and we suggest you get involved because a number of different wins can be achieved: full house – £3,000; 4 lines – £1,500; 3 lines – £750; 2 lines – £200; 1 line – £105. Make sure that you take a note of this game in your schedule because games of this size are difficult to find, especially when it comes to including a guaranteed jackpot!