£3,000 Catwalk Game at Posh Bingo

Massive Jackpots at Posh Bingo

Online Bingo Sites bingo jackpots seem to be growing and growing with large prizes given away each day.  One of the largest games that will be played this Friday is the £3,000 Catwalk Game with Posh Bingo.  What’s even more special about this online bingo game is that there is a secret way for you to get your bingo tickets for free rather than spend the normal £1.

In order to get a free bingo ticket then you need to acquire 500 fashion points. The more points you earn the more free bingo tickets you can receive. There are 5 special ways to earn more fashion points; the first is by emailing the Posh Bingo team and tell them who your favourite fashion designer is.  If you do this then 200 fashion points will be credited to your account.  Another way to earn an easy 100 points is by simply telling Posh Bingo what you would put in your shopping bag if you win.  So that’s your first 300 points accounted for with hardly any effort required!  Each and every time you call bingo on the shopping bag then you will receive 4 fashion points. The final two ways involve you either playing bingo on Posh Bingo or any of their large variety of instant win games. Each time you wager £1 on bingo games, you will receive 2 points and each time you wager £20 on instant win games you will receive 1 point.

You have no excuses now not to be earning some free bingo tickets for this special online bingo game to be played on Friday.  With the full jackpot of £3,000 in high street vouchers available, the breakdown will be £500 for the single line winner, £650 for the double line winner and £1,500 for the full house winner.  Don’t miss out the fun on this free bingo site!