Wonder Bingo’s wonderful bonus offers

Wonder Bingo’s wonderful bonus offers

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Bingo players looking for the next big thing in new bingo sites should check out Wonder Bingo – a site that, true to its name offer wonderful news to bingo players.

While the no deposit required bonus at the site is a grand £5, there is also a large deposit bonus of 350% coupled with reload bonuses of 100%. If bingo players were wonderstruck at their awesome first deposit bingo bonus of 350%, one of the largest in the bingo industry, then you are going to be still wonderfully surprised when you hear the latest offer from this wonder site.

Wonder Bingo launched its multiple winner option recently that has created a stir among the bingo players. What this means is that the announcement of a bingo winner need not bring disheartened groans among the other bingo players as they are still given the opportunity to win the game.

If the news of multiple winners is enough to send your heart racing, then check this out. You can also hope to win bingo bonuses of around £100 or more, each time you log into your Wonder Bingo account. The site’s Spin to Win simply doles out the winning bonus amount to members logging into the site. Wow!!!

In fact, a player has been lucky enough to bag two mega jackpots in just one single day. The site is already in the news for its generous payouts. It has already paid more than £2,000 for the Better progressive slot game to date.

Players can also choose from a variety of games at this site. Bingo, slots, casinos, keno, etc are sure to send the adrenaline levels rising in your blood stream.

It is really no wonder then that more and more bingo players are signing up with Wonder Bingo every day. Not too bad, for a bingo site that began its journey as a humble Facebook app.

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