Wink Bingo Announces New £2,000 Pre-Buy Bingo Game

Huge Cash Prizes at Wink Bingo

Online UK Bingo Site, Wink Bingo has now announced a brand new pre-buy game which will put big smiles on the faces of the winners. How does an extra £2,000 credited to your bank account sound? This can all happen with the new £2,000 Play-Date Pre-buy bingo game that has now launched on Wink Bingo. The game doesn’t play until 22nd October however sales of these tickets are available now for only 20p! This 90 ball bingo game will see the first line winner receive £300, double line winner receive £500 and the full house winner receive £1,200! Remember to stick the 22nd October in your diary to see if Wink Bingo mange to put a smile on your face.

Wink Bingo is a Free Bingo Site with many free bingo games and rooms. Games are played all throughout the day with a range of 75 ball and 90 ball free bingo games. Recently Wink Bingo has added a lot more bingo games and room to its already large variety of options.

Each Friday on Wink Bingo there is also the £500 Risk Free Bingo game played. Pre-purchase your tickets and cross your fingers that you will win a share of the £500. If you don’t, then don’t despair as the money you spent on bingo tickets will be credited back to your account the following Monday! This is not the only bingo promotion that sees Wink Bingo give you money back…… Wink Bingo are still continuing to give its players 10% back on their losses each and every week!