Wink Bingo – £2k Play-Date

Wink Bingo Offer Masses of Cash!

Wink Bingo could make your half term holiday that extra bit special! Get more from Bingo sites than a no deposit bingo offer and win a share of a guaranteed £2,000 jackpot. Taking the family away will be lots more fun with a pile of cash in your hand! Enjoy thrills at a theme park, fill your tummy with a lovely meal or even just heading to the cinema will be courtesy of Wink Bingo if you win!
Make sure to put Saturday the 22nd of October in your diary because at 9.30pm this is when it is all kicking off! The 90 Ball Game will only cost you 20p so there is no excuse for missing out, especially when a full house could win you a gigantic £1200! 2 lines will still get you a hefty £500 and 1 line will get you enough for more than several buckets of popcorn at the cinema when you win £300! What is better than spending quality time with your family? Spending free cash whilst you do it! Money can’t buy happiness but it can help make that half term holiday a bit more exciting with those dear to you.

What else does Wink Bingo have to offer this month? Why not check out Risk Free Frisky Friday where there is a £500 Guaranteed Jackpot game! This happens every Friday at 9.45pm and what makes this promo even more impressive is that if you don’t win you get your money back on Monday. So pre-buy cards for 10p now!