Win £1K Every Day for Free at Red Bus Bingo

A Whole Load of Freebies at Red Bus Bingo

As part of the Joy of Bingo network, Red Bus Bingo is one of the leading UK Bingo Sites boasting huge popularity.  They are constantly bursting with promotions, designed to keep their players entertained.  In a bid to spice their site up, they have done a bit of a re-vamp with their free bingo games.

Instead of the old RB200, RB300 and RB500, Red Bus Bingo have decided to create one huge free bingo game with a jackpot of £1000.  You can play this game for free every single day at 9.15pm and be in with a chance of claiming some huge cash without dipping into those savings.  As if that wasn’t enough, there is another free bingo room for you to play in “The Free Ride” room.  In this game you can play free bingo from 8am until 1am daily, and people say there is no such thing as a free ride.

In order to keep up with the influx of new bingo sites appearing everywhere, Red Bus Bingo also have a fantastic offer to entice new players.  They have introduced a scratch card for players to scratch off a bonus when they make a minimum deposit of £5.  You can scratch off a bonus of up to £2000 completely free of charge, and it’s not often you get free scratch cards.  With all of the freebies available to you at Red Bus Bingo, you literally have nothing to lose by joining this site.  So get scratching!