Unibet Launches Their Own Software

It looks like it is great news for Unibet fans.  The online gambling operator has announced they’re launching their own bingo software. According to sources, this development is a move by the company to exit from the Virtue Fusion gambling network and set up their own brand.

Their new software is being developed by Relax Gaming with firm guidance on progress coming from Unibet. Unibet have also said that this new software will provide their players with a variety of bingo and casino games as well as multi-channel programmes and an exclusive loyalty scheme.

The Head of Gaming at Unibet, a Mr Daniel Eskola said this new software would allow the company to: “Start fresh and define what we believe is important for a fun and entertaining bingo experience.”

He also said that the company would be providing new and exciting products of their own as well as offering players the familiar Playtech casino and poker games for their fans.

Who Are They?

Originally founded back in 1997, Unibet are considered to be one of the largest gambling operators across Europe.

They provide players with a range of sports based bets, online casino and slots games as well as a variety of bingo and poker titles to try out. They have over 9.7 million players registered to them and they’re one of the founding members of the prestigious European Gaming and Betting Association.

With over 17 years of experience in the industry, this move into providing online gambling software might allow them to become even more successful.

The Pros and Cons of Standalone Bingo Software

Although they’re not launching their new standalone bingo software until later in the year there’s still a few benefits and problems that Unibet will run into when they start to move into providing sites with their own unique software.

We’ve listed a few of the various perks and problems that they could encounter below.


The best thing about them being a bingo software provider is that they can create their own custom games to suit a range of tastes. Plus it also means that they can cater the type of content they provide to sites that they send software to.

It will also allow them to start up their own network to get more interest in their brand from outside investors and bring in more players.

Also, having their own network means that all the sites they’re connected to will be able to provide the same games which will create familiarity for their players across their different brands.


The biggest downside of them becoming a software provider is that they could run into development problems with their games as they have to make sure that they all work on a range of platforms.

It might take them a while to build up a big enough catalogue of their own games, so for a while they will still be relying on games from their old partners Playtech.

Also, they will have to provide lower prizes in their games as they’re just starting out as a software provider and they will have to build up their player base that may be unsure about investing in this new platform.

Although it’s still too early to see any results from this development, it’s arguably still going to be a good move for Unibet in the long run. Creating this new name for themselves will let them reach a wider audience as well as possibly set up their very own network.

It’s definitely going to be exciting to see what the future holds for this iconic online gambling provider.