Thrilling Promos at Tasty Bingo

The Stakes are Getting Tastier!!

The stake in Tasty Bingo‘s £2 Mill Thrill game is now even hotter than it was before.  The minimum win has been raised from £150 to £500.  This game happens every Saturday at 9pm in the Bingo Jackpots tab.

This is a sliding jackpot game, meaning the prize amount reduces as more numbers get called out.  If a player bingos in just 40 calls, they will win the maximum jackpot of £2,000,000!  As more and more numbers get called out, the potential prize that can be won keeps reducing.  After 41 calls, the prize is reduced to £500,000, and after another call the prize is reduced to £250,000.  This continues until 54 calls when the prize amount reaches its minimum of £500.

Cards are just £1 each and the maximum amount you can buy for a game is 36.  The winner will be the first player to complete the coverall pattern.  In the event of having more than one winner, the prize amount will be shared and funds will be credited to the players account immediately after the game.

Get involved with Tasty Bingo’s Golden Delicious Promotion every Wednesday at 9pm.  Every week, there is £500 up for grabs and this is shared amongst the winner and all 1TGs.  The winner takes £100 and £400 is shared amongst the rest.  The way it works out, the 1TG might win more than the Full House winner!

You can buy you cards for the game now in the ‘Pre-buys’ tab.  Be the first to bingo on the Apple pattern and you’ll be in the money.  The maximum number of cards you can buy for this game is 72 and you can only enter the game if you are a funded player.