Take Control with 3 Simple Tasks You Can Do In an Hour

Do you want to do more with your life, but are struggling due to fears? These could be practical fears, such as a fear of heights, so you couldn’t work at the top of a glass tower, for example, or they could be more mental fears, including the fear of being rejected, or of lacking the skills required to do a task. If you are no longer competing in the workplace because your fears are holding you back, or you have stopped trying at home because your other half spends all your time together in front of the TV, then you need to start taking steps to gain more control and achieve what you want with your life.

1) Take a self-assertiveness course

If you want to start taking control of yourself then you need to start with the basics, including a self-assertiveness course. Most colleges will be able to offer you some kind of course like this, and they can help you to learn more about yourself, and what you want from life. The courses will also show you the skills you need to ask for the things that you want, rather than just pining silently, and are a great way to learn new ways to engage with work colleagues and your other half. It can give you a whole new feeling of confidence and awareness that will benefit you in years to come.  These courses are often short, sharp hour-long sessions that will boost your people skills.

take control

2) Create a goal list

Do you want to get the confidence to take your next steps forward in your job, or at home? Then you need to make a list of your goals. Take an hour out of each day before you leave for work to write down all the tasks that you want to accomplish in the day. Not only can this help you to focus on your goals, but it will also allow you to have more control over the decisions you make in the day. If your goals are to eat healthily, for example, then you might not go to the chip-shop at lunch time. If you want to finish writing a page of your novel, then you can choose not to go out shopping at night. Having the power to choose, knowing what you want to achieve, will give you more control.

3) Make Contact with difficult colleagues or former friends

If you want to get more control of your life, particularly in the workplace, then you will need to remove blocks to success such as those difficult colleagues that you have always disliked. You could spend the rest of your work life bickering with them, or opposing any propositions that they submit, but in the end, you are wasting energy that you could use in more productive ways. Quarrelling often means a loss of control – of your emotions, of your argument, or even of your plans for the day. Put those problems to bed with a long chat with those difficult people in your sphere, and try to find some resolution that will allow you both to progress and move on.