Spin the Wheel Bingo Sites

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Even though it’s a relatively new bonus, the Spin the Wheel offer has quickly become incredibly popular with players. A number of different sites offer this great bonus now and rightly so – it’s a pretty awesome deal that could let you start off your time on a bingo site with a bang.

Best sites with Spin the Wheel bonus


You could win up to 500 free spins on the wheel that forms part of the Lucky Cow introductory offer. You’re guaranteed at least five free spins, and you could win them on any of four popular slots in total.

CheerS bingo

There’s a cash to get a bonus on your first deposit when you spin the wheel at Cheers Bingo. It could be anything between £5 and a massive £2,500!

AmazinG Bingo

How about a chance at winning as many as 500 free spins on the wheel that awaits you when you join Amazing Bingo? There’s a chance to win spins on several games here.


The free spins wheel is available for every new player to have a spin on at Viking Bingo. You’ll definitely get five freebies, but how many more might you win?

What is a Spin the Wheel bonus?

The Spin the Wheel bingo bonus is pretty easy to follow. It’s basically a big wheel that you spin to unlock a prize. Here are some of the things you might get, depending on the site and the nature of the wheel:

  • Free spins
  • A guaranteed cash prize (some sites offer between £5 and £2,500)
  • Bonus funds to deposit in your account

As we’ve seen, there are plenty of bingo sites with Spin the Wheel bonus. All you need to do is spin their wheel and by the time it stops turning you will be a couple of extra pounds better off on your favourite bingo site.

How does it compare to a no-deposit spins offer and other deposit offers?

This bonus is completely different from other rewards out there that you can pick up. Here are some points to understand about Spin the Wheel bingo sites and how this offer works:

  • You could pick up a larger bonus than you would from an ordinary deposit bonus
  • On the other hand, your bonus could be smaller
  • A Spin the Wheel chance is often given in addition to deposit bonuses, so it really is a bonus!
  • You may only get one shot at spinning the wheel when you join a site and make your first deposit, unlike second or third deposit offers

Can you win real cash?

Short answer – it depends on the site. Some sites will offer real cash prizes, so check the wheel before you spin to see what some of the prizes are and how the rules apply.

But remember, many of the wheels provide an additional chance to win something alongside the regular deposit bonus you will benefit from. As such, you’re getting an extra perk. Even a few free spins are a bonus!

Are there T&Cs?

Just like any other bonus you can claim on a bingo site, the Spin the Wheel offer comes with specific terms and conditions. With this offer, you may encounter a stipulation that the cash you get from it can only be spent on set games on the site or just on bingo.

Here are our tips:

  1. Read the terms and conditions before you spin the wheel or make a deposit
  2. Remember there could be separate T&Cs relating to the wheel compared with those relating to the first or subsequent deposits you make
  3. Be sure you know how the Spin the Wheel bonus is paid
  4. Check whether you can actually withdraw the funds
  5. Do you have to play-through the funds before withdrawing them?

Once you know the answers to all these questions, you can spin with confidence.

Get spinning!

When you have an opportunity to get a bingo deposit bonus, Spin the Wheel is a nice perk to have. You never know what you might get as a result, so make sure you spin if you have the chance.