Social Bingo vs Real Money Bingo

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There are lots of reasons to play online bingo. Many people play for fun, and for the social aspect of getting to know new people and chatting to them. When that’s your primary reason for playing, it makes sense that many people might choose to play social bingo games, as opposed to real money bingo. But what are the pros and cons of each type of game, and if you’re a social bingo player, might you want to consider changing to real money bingo?

Pros and cons of Social vs Real Money games

Generally, you will tend to find Social Bingo games on social media sites such as facebook. This makes sense, as Facebook is primarily a social platform and you don’t need to spend anything to sign up. Players can socialise together by playing with their friends and also sharing any wins on their timeline. Because these games are free to play, and therefore you’re not winning any cash, the number of wins that a player can get tends to be higher. There are several different kinds of social bingo games available to play on Facebook; some players may recognise titles such as Bingo Blitz and the Daily Tournament. These games are a bit of fun, and have the obvious advantage of being free. However, because they are free, you can’t make any cash wins on them either.

Real money bingo, meanwhile offers the same social opportunities through features such as chat rooms. However, players will also have the opportunity to play and win large sums of cash. The obvious catch is that you need to pay to play these games, so taking part can be something of a gamble. However, real money bingo sites also often offer a wider range of games to suit your tastes, as well as some online slots and casino games. What’s more, if you shop around then you should be able to find some sites which offer small jackpots in games which you can play for free.

What is RTP?

When you’re playing on online bingo sites, you may notice the phrase “RTP” appearing a lot. RTP stands for Return to Player. It essentially it is the percentage of money which players can usually expect to get back out of the total amount which they have wagered on any slot or casino game. Whilst a House Advantage describes how much the house generally manages to make back off of players, the RTP gives you an idea of how much you’re likely to lose.

The higher the RTP, the lower your chances of making a big loss. This means that you are taking less of a risk whilst taking a shot at winning a big cash prize. Some online gambling sites offer RTPs of up to 96%, so watch out for these so that you can minimise any potential losses.

Real Money Bingo Sites

If you’re thinking of playing online bingo games to win real money, then check out the following online bingo sites to enjoy great deals and exciting bonuses:

Glossy Bingo: This fancy bingo site is themed around Glossy magazines full of the latest celebrity gossip. Sign up with them and you will get a 250% first deposit bonus. That means that if you make your first deposit £10, you’ll get £25 on top in bonus cash – giving you £35 in total.

Wink Bingo: Wink bingo is a very straightforward bingo site which doesn’t go for fancy designs, instead preferring to keep things simple. However, don’t let that fool you as they pack a real punch with their online offers – including a 400% first deposit bonus.

Cheers Bingo: Raise your glass to Cheers Bingo, one of the merriest bingo sites on the web! With a 200% first deposit bonus, plus a chance to win up to £2500 in bonus on their special bonus wheel!

Hollywood Bingo: Then if you’d rather a site which offers a whole new level of Glitzy Glamour, then Bingo Hollywood might be the site for you. With a first deposit bonus of 300%, there’s plenty of chances to make a big profit on this exciting site.

Now that you know the pros and cons of social vs real money bingo, you can give them a try for yourself! Make sure you shop around so you can be sure that you’re getting the best deals.