Stay Sharp Playing Bingo

Research regarding degenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s and dementia has long suggested that keeping the brain active by playing games, doing wordsearches, therapeutic bingo, puzzles and simple maths games can help to delay the onset of symptoms. A study at Southampton University in 2002 found that bingo players had a faster mental speed and memory, […]

5 Means To Take Control of Your Finances

Managing money is a battle that almost everyone faces, from retail staff right up to big business. Even some governments seem to struggle to balance their books, and a significant financial crisis can place us all under stress. Most people struggle with the issue of financial control, and it can be an issue that causes […]

5 Self-Help Books Everyone Needs To Read

The self-help market is full of books offering advice to those hoping to kick-start their personal growth. If you read all of the books available, you wouldn’t have time to apply any of their advice to your real life, so it makes sense to be a little bit more discerning in the self-improvement books that […]

5 Ways To Reach Your Full Potential

Self-improvement is a route towards reaching your full potential, and can help you to achieve your ambitions, whether they are in the home or the workplace, school or other social occasions. If you want to be the best that you can possibly be, then you need to work hard at determining how to reach that […]

Get Back Your Get Up and Go With 3 Easy Steps

If you are thinking about personal growth and development, then you are probably feeling as though you are stuck in a rut at the moment. Being trapped in a boring job that doesn’t suit you, or having a restricted social life can sap your energy as efficiently as running a marathon without training first. If […]

How Personal Technology Can Help Self-Growth Not Self-Indulgence

Personal technology has been on the rise for the past 10-15 years, and it has received a great deal of criticism, with opponents arguing that it stops people from interacting with others, increases lethargy, prevents a good work ethic, and generally works in the opposite way to personal growth. If you have been attempting self-improvement, […]

How Self-Improvement and Self-Discipline Can Go Hand-In-Hand

If you are at the beginning of a self-improvement project, then one of the most important things that you can learn is the art of self-discipline. Having control over yourself, including your emotions and your time-planning, is the first step in seeing any self-growth plan through to completion, since without it, you will not be […]

Improve Your Life with 4 Essential Changes

Want to make the most out of your life today? One of the most difficult parts of any self-improvement plan is making the changes that you need to improve your life. Change can be scary, and it also requires a lot of motivation and belief in your self-growth plan, but if you really want to […]

Why Traditional Methods of Self-Growth Still Matter In the 21st Century

Self-growth seems like a modern invention, but in fact Western society alone has been practicing some form of self-improvement for many centuries. Beginning with humanism in the late 15th century, the European Renaissance placed a good deal of emphasis upon personal growth, self-improvement through reading and thinking, and in the way that people behaved towards […]

Take Control with 3 Simple Tasks You Can Do In an Hour

Do you want to do more with your life, but are struggling due to fears? These could be practical fears, such as a fear of heights, so you couldn’t work at the top of a glass tower, for example, or they could be more mental fears, including the fear of being rejected, or of lacking […]