Royal Baby Birth at

Prince or a Princess?

Kate Middleton is due to give birth to the Royal baby this month.  When do you think it’s going to happen?  Play in this cool promotion at Bingo Hollywood and you can be part of it!

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The competition runs from the 1st until 30th June and the winner will be the person that guesses closest to the baby’s time of birth.  It’s not as simple as that though.  You must play in the bingo games in the Fair and Square rooms to earn your guesses.  When playing in this bingo room, look out for the BUNTING pattern at half past the hour.  Load up on as many tickets as you can and bingo on the BUNTING pattern to earn yourself a guess at the birth time of the baby.  The chat host will ask every bingo winner for their guess on the chat room.

The winner will be the roomie that guesses closest WITHOUT going over.  This means that is the baby is born before your guess, you cannot win.  The lucky winner will be able to take their pick from the following prizes:

  • A sterling silver mother birthstone ring
  • A sterling silver mother birthstone charm
  • A sterling silver mother birthstone pendant

Every weekend in June, Bingo Hollywood is also giving away 2 million star points!  All you have to do is sign up your team and play in the specific games to win:

  • 7th-9th June at 7pm – 11pm in One to Go Bingo
  • 14th-16th June at 7pm – 11pm in Red Carpet
  • 21th-23rd June at 7pm – 11pm in 50 Shades of Bingo
  • 28th-30th June at 7pm – 11pm in One to Go Bingo

There is a lot to get excited about in June!