Redeposit Bingo Bonus

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To encourage their players to keep spending cash, bingo sites use a number of different methods and deals to keep you spending cash.

One particular offer that players love to pick up is the redeposit bonus.

What Is This Bonus?

The redeposit bingo bonus is pretty easy to follow, what it basically involves is a bonus on any redeposits that you make on a site.

It’s normally available after you make your first couple of deposits on a bingo site and it’s mainly used to keep you playing on a site as it lets you pick up bonus cash for topping up your account.

This bonus comes in a number of different amounts and the size of your bonus can depend on the site you’re using. So you may see something like 75% on site whilst another only offers 10%, so it pays to shop around when you’re looking for a redeposit offer.

What Do The Different Percentages Mean?

If you’re curious as to what the percentages of this top up bingo bonus means then don’t worry, they’re pretty easy to figure out. They basically stand for the percentage of bonus cash that will be applied to any deposit on the site.

For example, if a site offered a 50% bonus you would be then given 50% extra in bonus cash on top of your deposit. So if you deposited £30 into a site and a site was giving you 50% on top of that cash you would have £45 to play with.

This means the larger your bonus is, the more cash you will be given to play with, so aim for a site that has a fairly large redeposit bonus.

What’s The Usual Wagering Requirements for It?

Of course, since this is basically a deposit bonus it will come with wagering requirements that you will have to stick to when you claim it.

The size of your wagering requirement depends entirely on the site you’re using, but you will probably encounter the average 30x wagering requirement. So what this means is you would have to wager an amount of money equal to your bonus cash at least 30 times before you can try to withdraw it.

Bingo Sites with Redeposit Bonuses

Since almost every bingo site out there uses this offer in some shape or form we thought it would be a good idea to provide a list of what we think are the best redeposit bonus bingo sites you can check out.


When you deposit between £5 and £50 and you will pick up a 75% bonus, or if you drop in more than £51 into your account you will be able to pick up a 100% bonus on top of your cash instead.

Plus for a first deposit you will pick up a 300% bonus, seven days of free bingo and 1,000 Star Points.


Although they don’t have a regular redeposit bonus, this site will reward you for two redeposits on the site. For example, on your first top up you will get a 500% bonus, then when you make two redeposits on the site you will get a 350% and 300% bonus.


Not only can you pick up a 250% bonus and up to £1,000 from their prize wheel, Wink Bingo also will give you a 50% bonus for any redeposits that you make on their site.

This offer is a great incentive to keep playing on a bingo site and if you’re looking ways to pick up extra cash you can’t go wrong with a redeposit bonus.