Push Yourself to Achieve More with These 5 Challenges

If you think that your life is stuck in a rut, and you want to change your way of life, then you need to start taking action today. One of the most important elements to pushing through personal growth is to have motivation.

1: Start something new

Want to achieve more from your life? Start with a hobby, or a course of education, that might help you to achieve your goal faster. Remember that this is a challenge, so pick something that is outside of your usual experience or something that is relevant to the goal. You might try pottery or dancing, or even start a photograph collection in your own home. Remember to stretch yourself, and ensure that you choose something that you are interested in, as this will help you to get through the challenge to the very end.

2: Take time to read every day

The modern world is often so fast-paced that people forget the pure pleasure that lies in simply reading. The more you read, whether it is books or articles, the more knowledge you will gain. Reading novels can teach you to exercise your imagination, or show you experiences you have not had. Non-fiction books can again provide knowledge or experience, and a book relating to your personal goals can help you to achieve them more easily.

3: Take steps to live within a budget

Most of us struggle with bills, including debts, rent and groceries. If your quality of life is suffering because you are working hard to stay in the same financial place, then you need to take steps to act now. Pressure to work can really depress your dreams, and finances are one of the biggest stressors around. Take a step back from your finances, and create a budget that really works – that allows you to pay your bills, save a little, and still afford a little bit of fun.

push yourself


4: Lose the bad habits

Everyone has bad habits, and most of us are just a walking list of things that we shouldn’t do. Nail biting? Smoking? Couch potato? Ditch the bad habits in order to feel better about yourself, and about your health. Quitting, including giving up smoking or eating too much sugar, is hard, extremely hard, and you will need help when you are quitting. Habit often forces you to think about the thing you are trying to give up, so try to choose something else to keep you busy. Develop a habit of doing something else.

5: Pick up a healthy habit

If you want to go a step further after quitting your bad habits, then try to take up good habits instead. Set a particular time and duration that you will work on your personal growth, or on achieving your aims. Do that thing each day for a week, and then, if you keep it up for the week, carry on going. You will be surprised by how quickly a daily routine becomes a habit.

With a few simple challenges, you can push through changes that you might never have achieved without that motivation.

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