Progressive Bingo Jackpots

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The online gambling market is incredibly competitive and to survive in it long enough bingo sites have to provide players with a number of different incentives to sign up. Arguably their most popular and profitable one is the opportunity to pick up a progressive jackpot prize.

What Are Progressive Jackpots On Bingo Sites?

For those that aren’t particularly familiar with them, progressive bingo jackpots are prizes that bingo sites provide in their games that start off at a fixed amount before gradually growing in size.

These prizes can regularly reach massive amounts and the more popular a game is, the bigger its progressive prize will become. There are a number of different ways to pick up a progressive jackpot prize and once you land it you will normally win either the full thing or a significant portion of it. Also, the amount of this huge jackpot you win is usually dictated by the site you’re using.

How Are They Different From Classic Games?

Progressive jackpot games are pretty much the same as classic games on a site and apart from having the chance to scoop up a huge cash prize, you won’t normally encounter any other unique features.

The only real difference is that the progressive prize can be picked up by players in a number of different methods. For example, you can either win it by landing a Full House on your cards in a set number of balls or landing a specific pattern or bingoing on a set number.

How Much Cash Can Normally Be Won?

The best thing about these bingo progressive jackpots is that the prizes you can win regularly reach incredibly large amounts. So you will often see these jackpots reaching as much as £5,000, £10,000, or in some cases you can see it being £900k or more.

What T&C’s should You Look Out For?

When you start playing progressive jackpot games there are a few terms and conditions you should probably be aware of. To start off, your prize may come with wagering requirements attached to it, so you may have to bet a set amount before you can claim it. Also, it could come with a time limit, so a site may rule that you have 24 to 48 hours or more to spend that cash or withdraw it before it becomes void.

Bingo Jackpots with Progressive Jackpots

There are a number of bingo sites out there with progressive jackpot prizes, we’ve picked out a couple that you need to check out.


Wink Bingo has 75 ball games that run three times every hour in their Hangout room and their progressive jackpot starts at £250 and grows from there. They also have 90 ball games that have progressive jackpots that grow from £100 onwards.


Glossy Bingo has a progressive jackpot prize in a daily bingo game that starts at £5,000 and grows from there.


This site has both 75 and 90 ball PJP games that run every day and have prize pools that start at £200 and grow in size from there.


Lucky Touch have PJP prizes that regularly reach above £1,000 and you can play for them in their Grand PJP and Queens PJP rooms. Plus they also have a few PJP slot games to try.

If you’re looking to add a little thrill to your bingo experience, then we recommend checking out a couple of progressive jackpot games. They’re always exciting to play in and they can be quite lucrative, so if you ever see one then give it a go!

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