Penny Bingo Games

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If you’re new to playing online bingo, you might be slightly overwhelmed by all the different games and promotions and what they all mean. One such promotion which you may have noticed on certain sites is penny bingo or 1p bingo. So what exactly is penny bingo, what profits can you make and how good a deal is it? These are exactly the sorts of questions which we will answer in this article.

What are penny bingo games?

Penny bingo games are exactly what they say on the tin. They are bingo games where the tickets cost just 1p! So you can make some good bargains and deals by playing on them. Even better than that, some sites will even offer penny ticket games alongside BOGOF offers, so every individual ticket is actually less than a penny! Some games are actively called and advertised “Penny Bingo”, but be sure to keep an eye out because you can sometimes find rooms and promotions where the tickets happen to be just a penny.

How much can you win?

How much you can win on penny depends on the site you are playing on. Some sites will offer small scale prizes of between £3 and £6, whilst other sites might have jackpots of up to £30. Regardless, you’re still getting a great bargain and making a decent profit when you play, so it’s still worth buying tickets even for games where the jackpot is relatively small.

What’s the difference between no deposit/free and penny bingo?

The difference between free bingo and penny bingo is in the name. Free bingo is bingo which you can play without paying, whilst penny bingo costs money to play, but only a penny per ticket, assuming there are no BOGOF offers involved. This means that in order to play Penny Bingo games, you need to be a funded member of your chosen bingo site, whereas in Free Bingo this is not always the case, depending on what the free bingo offer is. For example, if it is a no deposit bingo offer, then you do not need to have deposited anything into your account in order to play. On the other hand, if the free bingo offer is a free bingo room, then you may need to be a funded player to play – although not always. Penny Bingo does usually offer real money prizes, although what prizes there are may vary. In contrast, Free Bingo might have real money prizes in some cases, particularly if you are playing no deposit bingo using bonus cash, however, if you are playing in a free bingo room, you might be playing for real cash, but for bonus cash instead.

Best sites:

As you may have noticed, there are quite a few penny bingo sites available to play online, all with fantastic deals and promos for you to enjoy. If you’re stuck for which one you want to choose, then here are just a few of our favourites:

Wink Bingo: This very stylish and modern looking site offers new players an amazing 400% bonus on their very first deposit, an ideal opportunity to profit and make money.

Bingo Hollywood: This excellent film themed site brings all the glamour of tinseltown. Head over there today and enjoy a 300% bonus on your very first deposit.

Glossy Bingo: Your first deposit on this glitzy, glamorous site will be met with a 400% bonus for you to spend on the site.

So if you fancy playing on 1p bingo sites then why not try out some of the ones recommended above? We’re sure you’ll enjoy them. Have fun!

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