Odobo Launches Bingo Product

Exciting goings on in the bingo world as platform provider Odobo released a brand new bingo variant, Top of the Shop. The game, which is developed by Trimark, is to be used exclusively for the Odobo Marketplace.

So what is Top of the Shop? According to Odobo, it is a play on the traditional 90-ball bingo, featuring all of your favourite bingo called phrases, including Two Fat Ladies and Snakes Alive. These are shown on playing cards, and players can then try to match them up with the numbers on their own cards. This rather unique calling format puts a fun spin on the traditional bingo style. However, there are still plenty of similarities with usual 90 ball bingo games, including wins for one or two lines, or a full house. The game also tries to incorporate aspects of land based bingo with online bingo, and offers the player extra fun features and opportunities to win, including Big Wins, Double Bubbles and Bulleyes. As many an online bingo players will know, these land based bingo trends rarely appear in the online counterparts, so it’s nice to see Odobo and Trimark finding ways of adding them in. The game will also offer players a rewards system, which will award them for longer play.

Who are Odobo?

Odobo is an HTML5 Game Development Programme and Marketplace, designed for and operating within the regulated gambling industry and the global bingo market. They are the only development programme of their kind operating within that specific industry, so they are very well connected, producing games for desktop, iOS and Android devices. Their developers create the games, which are focussed on gambling, and these are then distributes by casinos for players to cash in on. As they design specifically using HTML5 technology, their games are optimised for all the latest devices, including mobile and tablet.

As mentioned, Odobo are very well connected within the Gambling industry. Perhaps the most obvious example of this is their relationship with the Gala Coral group, with whom they announced two new distribution deals earlier this year. Gala Coral is, of course, one of the most well established online bingo sites, and with this deal Odobo was able to work with Gala’s two flagship brands; Gala Casino and Gala Bingo. In joining the Odobo Marketplace, both the Gala Casino and the Gala Bingo brand now automatically have access to at least 50 brand new Gambing titles. Meanwhile, Odobo’s developers have been able to benefit from being showcased on the Gala bingo website.

Who are Odobo linked to?

But of course, Odobo also boasts links with other well-known gambling industry giants. In fact, they offer access to six of the biggest brands in the regulated gaming industry, continuing to build upon their reputation and what they are able to offer in potential partnerships. Other brands with whom they are affiliated include Bet 365 and Betfair. In joining with Odobo, Bet 365 was able to offer a whole range of new and exciting games on their site, including their much loved The Legend of Olympus and Baccpo. Similarly, Betfair integrated with Odobo just last year and were immediately able to access new games from their developers which coincided with the world cup.

Hopefully, we won’t need to wait much longer to see this exciting online bingo game hit our screens. In the meantime, why not check out some of the sites mentioned in this article, who have links with Odobo? You’re sure to come across some fun deals and exciting gameplay, using some of the most up to date technology designed specifically for the Gambling market. Enjoy!

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