No Download Bingo

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There are lots of options for playing bingo on your phone these days. Some people may opt to play using online bingo apps, which you download directly onto your phone or tablet device. That’s all fine and good, but you also have the option of playing bingo on your phone without having to download anything. So what are the pros and cons of downloading a bingo app, compared with playing online?

What is no download bingo?

Quite simply, no download bingo is bingo sites and games which you can play online without having to download them onto your device. It usually means that you visit a bingo site, which may have been configured to work specifically for mobile and tablet devices. However, you can usually access the site regardless of whether there is a mobile version available or not. The only difference is that the non-mobile version may be specifically designed for bigger screens and is therefore more difficult to read on a smaller screen.

No download bingo vs download bingo

There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages both to downloading a bingo app and to playing bingo online. To begin with, playing bingo online usually offers more opportunity for socialising with other players via online chat rooms and games. What’s more, updates on online bingo are automatic because the site is separate to your device. Contrast this with downloaded bingo apps, which need to download additional updates directly onto your phone or tablet, which can be time consuming. Another advantage of not having to download extra apps onto your advice is that you don’t take up any extra memory, because everything is stored online. Playing online gives you a greater range of bingo options, because there are more bingo sites and no download bingo games available to play online than there are bingo apps. Further, online bingo sites are more likely to be offering cash prizes, meaning that you’re not just playing on the go for fun; you can win massive prizes using online bingo sites even when you’re on the move.

On the other hand, being able to download and store a bingo app directly onto your device can also be very useful. It means that you can play fun bingo games even when you don’t have any internet access. Another good thing about downloading a bingo app is that it will generally be better configured to your device. And finally, playing bingo games online can use up quite a lot of data when you’re on your phone, but since apps don’t require internet access to use, you aren’t using up any internet date when using them. It’s usually easier to play bingo for free using an app, but you can also play no download bingo free online.

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Top no download sites

Here are a few examples of our favourite bingo sites which don’t require being downloaded onto your device:


An exciting bingo site which offers a host of intriguing promotions. Start off your stay there with a 200% bonus on your first deposit, plus a free spin of the bonus wheel, where you’re guaranteed a prize of between £5 and £1500 in bonus.


This is a fun and simple little site which has recently seen quite a makeover. They start you off on a high with a 400% welcome bonus, and from there they carry on with low wagering requirements and lots of big profit promotions and jackpots.


This super glam site is themed around glossy magazines packed full of celeb gossip. For that reason, it works really well as a mobile site! Sign up today and you can enjoy a 250% first deposit bonus.

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