New Video Bingo App Comes to UK and Europe

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There’s always something interesting going on in the gambling industry and this latest development is certainly turning a few heads.

What’s Going On?

It seems that Patagonia Entertainment, a popular online gaming developer based way down in South America, is releasing a series of games to a new gaming platform that’s been launched by Bingo Bombo.

According to Patagonia Entertainment, they will be providing Bingo Bombo with nine video bingo games to their relatively new real money bingo site. The games they are providing them with are said to range from popular titles like Super Hot Bingo and Super Pachinko.

These exciting games feature brilliant graphics, fun bonuses, jackpot prizes to win and they’re all HTML5 compatible. So that means you can play around with them using your PC or the browser app on your smartphone or tablet.

When asked about the future of this deal, Pedro Baldriz, a representative of Patagonia Entertainment said that they were confident Bingo Bombo players would enjoy these games. He also commented that this site was a perfect partner for Patagonia Entertainment and that they were ‘looking forward’ to seeing their games launch on this platform across the European market.

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What Are Video Bingo Slots?

Video bingo slots may sound like this new and complicated genre of games, but they’ve actually been around for a quite a while and they’re really simple.

At their core, they’re basically the same as bingo as you’re given cards with random numbers on them that are then matched against balls that are drawn by an electronic machine.

However, unlike bingo they’ve been given an exciting arcade twist to make them more of a bingo slots style of game as cards are daubed off in super quick rounds.

But that’s not the end of their differences. For example, with video bingo games you don’t have to wait for a room to open to play as you can launch it whenever you like, plus there’s no limit to the number of rounds you can go through. They’re a single player experience as games don’t involve other players or a chat host that you have to behave around.

Also, unlike an ordinary game of bingo where you have to stick to a set ticket price, with video bingo you can alter how much you’re wagering on each round just like a slot game.

Bingo Apps Vs Bingo Sites

When it comes to playing bingo online with whether it’s ordinary games or video bingo, you usually have two main options at your disposal, you can visit a mobile compatible site or you can download real money bingo apps.

Both of these options have their own benefits to using them as well as a couple of disadvantages that you can encounter.

For example, bingo sites are universally compatible across a range of devices and platforms, they also require no extra software installations or additional downloads to run their games. But, the time it takes you to go from loading up your browser to having a game running is a lot longer than an app.

With apps, you can enjoy instant access to your content without having to go through multiple login pages first and there are a large number of different apps to use. But, unfortunately, apps have a few compatibility issues with certain devices and they often require additional downloads before you can run them.

Although it’s still too early to call if this deal between Patagonia Entertainment and Bingo Bombo will be successful, it’s certainly going to be interesting to watch how this will play out for both parties over the next couple of months.