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One of the best things about playing on a bingo site is the ability to use PayPal to handle your cash.

This super E-Wallet system ensures that your cash is always safe and secure on your site of choice. So you can deposit and withdraw to your hearts content without worrying about your sensitive information being compromised.

How to join PayPal

If you’re keen on starting up with PayPal as your main source of money management then you’ll find that it’s incredibly easy to sign up to.

To start off with you’ll need to head over to the official PayPal website, once you do that just select the account creation option and then fill in an online form. You’ll also be asked to register a debit or credit card that you can transfer cash into and out of.

After you’ve filled in the form and registered a card you’ll be ready to start joining bingo sites that accept PayPal in no time at all.

Pros and Cons of Using It to Pay For Bingo

When you’re playing on PayPal bingo sites you’ll notice that there a few benefits and problems to using this system to manage your cash.

For starters, you’ll enjoy instant transfers which will allow you to easily keep track of how much cash is leaving or entering your account and when. Plus with its secure security system you’ll never have to worry about your private details being leaked.

However, you’ll also encounter a few problems as well, the biggest of which is that your account might become locked for no reason at all. To unlock it you’ll have to go through a long identification procedure with the PayPal staff.



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Compare to Other Payment Methods

Because of how popular the E-Wallet system is there are actually a lot of alternative choices available. Two of the biggest ones are Paysafecard and Neteller and like PayPal they also come with a few benefits as well as a couple of issues.

Take Paysafecard for example, using a unique system that stores your cash on special vouchers that come with their own 19-digit codes this payment option is incredibly secure. Plus you can store between £5 and £500 on each voucher and they’re accepted across a wide range of websites.

However, the security of your cash is reliant on you not losing your voucher. If you do lose it and aren’t quick to replace it your cash could be gone forever.

Neteller on the other hand doesn’t suffer from this problem. Similar to PayPal this E-Wallet allows for instant transfers and provides users with a secure server system that keeps your cash and card details safe at all times.

Although Neteller can charge you a fee for transfers from your bank account, the exact amount is normally based on your banks interest rates. Also when you use it to withdraw from bingo sites you’ll also be charged an admin fee of £5.

Top PayPal Sites

In the last few months the number of PayPal bingo sites available has quadrupled in size, we’ve scooped up all of these great websites and picked out a couple of the best ones to sign up to and what great offers they have.

Bingo Hollywood:

This brilliant site will give you a 500% bonus and 1,000 star points. Plus re-deposit anything up to £50 and you’ll get a 75% bonus, put in more than £50 and this bonus increases up to a massive 100%.*

Wink Bingo:

Taking your first step with this site will let you get your hands on a brilliant 250% bonus and the chance to win up to £1,000 guaranteed from spinning their prize wheel.*

Tasty Bingo:

Signing up with this wonderful website will land you a 200% bonus on a first deposit of at least £10. Plus to sweeten the deal they’ll throw in an extra £10.*

* T&C’s apply.

So when you’re playing on your favourite bingo site why not try PayPal for a while because you’re guaranteed to love this great E-Wallet!


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