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Allow us to introduce you to three of the hottest Bingo sites online. They rank high because they are taking the lead by offering bingo players the option of using PayPal to fund their games. Many of you are already avid fans of at least one of these sites, so here is a chance for you to broaden your scope to include other sensational new PayPal bingo sites.

The common thread amongst these four — Bingo on the Box, Dream Bingo, Ruby Bingo and Party Bingo — is that they are all new PayPal bingo sites. Why is this exciting news for you? Because bingo sites that take PayPal make it easier to start playing without the burdensome task of having to enter your banking information, passwords, ID’s, nicknames, aliases, ‘mother’s maiden name’, place of birth, your dog’s name — well, you get the picture! We have all have had to endure this tedious and repetitious drill, but here at last is a way to be free of this ongoing problem.

Finally, with PayPal you are free to get on with what you logged on to do — play! With one click, you are in. PayPal registration is very easy. And with PayPal you never use your real name online: an account number is assigned, meaning your transactions are always safe and confidential.

New PayPal bingo sites are a great way to take advantage of standard PayPal benefits such as easy and fast transfer of your winnings to your own numbered account, no interest and no fees, and thousands of websites already handling PayPal. This means you can use your account to shop online, knowing you are dealing with a service which is reliable. PayPal is easily recognizable on websites by its distinctive blue ‘P’ button logo. Remember, keeping your credit card information safe is important nowadays in this high-tech age — you can trust PayPal to never sell your records to third-party scavengers, to keep your accounts accurate, and best of all for bingo players, to minimize our cash-out time to less than 4 hours. Fortunately for us ‘limies’, bingo with PayPal is only available here in the U.K. (and only at a certain number of top U.S. sites).

New PayPal bingo sites like Bingo Street, Party Bingo and Ruby Bingo also offer great first deposit bonuses when you choose to play by PayPal. These bonuses range from 100% to 300% cash match! That’s up to three times the chances to win because you get more bingo cards with which to play. PayPal offers special slots and outstanding side games to entice you to play bingo with PayPal.

These websites are players’ current faves — they offer the most diverse games, the most exciting promotions and the best chat rooms. They also have great 24/7 customer service, and so does PayPal. Bingo with PayPal sites is definitely a winning combination.
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