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Twenty eleven has been a great year for new online bingo sites. These sites have brought with them some of the most significant positive changes to hit the industry in years. So, along with the glitz and glamor and the bling and bright lights, very real and meaningful changes have been made in the way online bingo is presented and eventually experienced by the community.

The obligatory cash welcome bonuses have given way to the one thing that makes bonuses great – choice. One can now often choose between cash or stunning gifts when receiving no deposit bingo bonuses. Jackpot values have also skyrocketed because of the new bingo sites online with several notable examples currently exceeding £1 million. This revolution has been led by sites such as Tasty Bingo, Redbus Bingo and Hollywood Bingo with their attractive and functional sites, great bonuses, huge jackpots and top notch service.

If you want to play, then you’ll be glad to know that you will have literally thousands of games to choose from.  In fact, the games can be so enjoyable that many people play online bingo just for fun rather than for the chance to win prizes! Some new online bingo sites offer games which are not your classic bingo, like bingo lite and fast bingo. In general, new sites try to come up with new ideas and new exciting games to attract more players.

If you want a quick game, you can play 75 ball bingo that only requires a simple pattern to be made.  Traditionally, a line needs to be made, although there are a number of different patterns in online bingo. Many Brits love 90 ball bingo, although each game takes a bit longer than average to conclude.  Fortunately, some sites offer 80 ball bingo games, which is the perfect choice for most players.

The 80 ball game is played on a four by four grid that of numbers.  An assortment of patterns is possible and it can be somewhat confusing for players who are better acquainted with the original 75 ball bingo game. 90 ball bingo can be really confusing too for new online players.  Fortunately, it’s easy to get the hang of, as most websites give out bonuses to new players for a chance to practice for free!

If you have some extra time on your hands, you can try coverall bingo games.  Also known as blackout bingo, this game is played by covering the entire card. There really is no pattern, since the entire card needs to be covered.  It takes at least fifty or sixty numbers to be called before someone finally wins, although there have been a few instances of lucky players winning after just forty have been called.

Some bingo games are part of a progressive jackpot network.  These jackpots continue growing until somebody finally wins. It can take weeks for someone to finally win the prize, which can grow considerably in that amount of time. After it’s won, it will start right back from zero and start climbing progressively until somebody wins again.  Naturally, you cannot win a jackpot if you only want to play free bingo games online. The tickets for jackpot games are usually a bit more costly than regular ones. The fact of the matter is, progressive jackpots are completely random, and the amount is increased every single time somebody makes a wager or buys a bingo card. When you consider going for a jackpot remember that older sites will usually have more players and higher jackpots than new online bingo sites.

Pattern games are perhaps the most fun.  In order to make things interesting, casino websites will feature games that can be won after someone completes a certain pattern, which can be anything from a letter, number, picture, design, and so forth.  During holiday seasons, a seasonal theme will be included with bingo games. At Christmas, for instance, a star, candy cane, or a Christmas tree can be the winning pattern. For Halloween, pumpkin patterns can be formed. Needless to say, online bingo can be very fun and exciting, and it’s no wonder why thousands of people play every single day!

Examples of this excitement are in evidence at Tasty Bingo – apart from its handsome 200% first deposit bonus, Tasty Bingo also offers its members a choice of cash or wine as welcome gifts. Meanwhile Bingo Hollywood crowns a Super Star of the Day every day. These are the type of site features that sets the newcomers apart from their predecessors.

Bingo Cams is a brand new online bingo which offers a completely new concept – play bingo with your web cam. Let people see you in your winning moment and you’ll get extra prizes. Bingo Cams give a £5 no deposit bonus and 200% on your first deposit.

Up to £400 on your first deposit – this is Caesars Bingo’s offer the highest one in UK bingo ever. Weekly promos and top prizes like a trip to Vegas or 5 gold rings make Caesars shine in glamor.

Tea Time bingo – offers great bonuses and promotions. You can receive a free £15 to play with starting out, which can be used toward a variety of fun games. Also get an extra 200% on your first deposit.

Another mention for Bingo Hollywood – new members of this bingo family can expect to be treated to bingo bonuses such as goodie bags full of site merchandise, makeovers, movie premier tickets complete with limo transport and free play options. First time deposits will receive a 300% cash back deposit match bonus with top-up deposits being rewarded with a 75% cash back bonus.

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