More winners at Wonder Bingo

More winners at Wonder Bingo 

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Now more than one winner can walk away with the full house prize as Wonder Bingo, one of the top new bingo sites, introduces Plentiful Winners where at least one fifth of the players can be full house winners.

Wonder Bingo has opened the doors to multiple winners through this amazing promotion. While many other bingo sites do offer consolation prizes to players who have only a couple of numbers left to claim the full house, Wonder Bingo goes a step further and continues with the bingo game even after a full house winner has been declared.

As per the new bingo promotion, there will only be a full house prize, i.e. single line and double line wins have been eliminated and all players will be aiming only towards a full house. Tickets are low priced with each ticket costing just 10p. Further there is a ceiling on the number of tickets that a player can purchase – 48.

After the full house winner has claimed the bingo prize, the game will continue till at least 20% of the players have had a chance to call out ‘Bingo’. What that means is that the more number of players in a particular Plentiful Winners game, the more number of winners there will be.

According to the rules, the bingo winners do not get to participate in the continuation of the game, thus ensuring every one a fair and even chance to win as the game progresses on. While the first winner will get the whole share of the bingo prize, the other competitors will also be playing for the same bingo prize amount but they will have to split their winnings with each of the other winners.

So, if you have been having a run of bad luck lately, it is time you checked out Wonder Bingo, where winners are in plentiful. Good Luck!!

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