More Olympic Fun at Bingo Cams!

BingoCams Are Offering Mega Prizes for Medals in their Bingolympics!

BingoCams is one of the top UK bingo sites so naturally they want to celebrate the Olympics along with everyone else in the UK! They have recently launched their excellent Bingolympics in which you could snap up some tasty jackpots every single night!

Head on over to Bingo Cams and you with find their Bingolympics Tournament running from now until the 12th August. All that you have to do to ascend the leaderboard is play as many bingo games as you can. When you do so, you will snap up Medals, and this is all you need to win. There are of course 3 medals; Bronze, Silver and Gold. Once you have collected all 3 you will be invited to the massive Bingolympics jackpot game that is playing out on the 12th August. But that’s not all – you will also be added to the leaderboard and you will win even more excellent Bingo Cams prizes! So now that you know that the prizes are, how do you collect those medals?

Bronze Medal – Win a full house in Bingbling between 10am until midday or make and wager a £20 deposit
Silver Medal – Win a full house in Bubblegum between 2pm and 4pm or make and wager a £30 deposit
Gold Medal – Win a full house in Hollywood between 6pm and midnight, Win a Jumping Jackpot or make and wager a £50 deposit

Then it’s just a matter of keeping your eyes on the leaderboard to see if you have snapped up any prizes! So join BingoCams now and you won’t just get the chance to play in these far more important games but you will also be able to play for the many terrific progressive jackpots, not to mention you can play free no deposit bingo games!