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Guaranteed Jackpots in Hollywood!

So far during 2012 we have seen a number of blockbuster movies such as Avengers and Men in Black 3. All of the Hollywood blockbuster activity has helped to reignite affection towards this famous region in America that has formed its own culture. This topic inspires to make a recommendation of a site to consider if you are on the look-out for a new bingo site in 2012 that is worth switching to. Bingo Hollywood is currently offering a whopping bingo bonus on first deposits of 300% to newbies that could see you having £40 of bingo funds to play with on a deposit of just £10!

A number of the guaranteed jackpots provided by Bingo Hollywood are worth in the thousands range so you would be wise to pencil these into your weekly schedule. First up is the 1,000 stars game which takes places every Saturday night at 10pm and will offer up a guaranteed bingo jackpot of £1,000. This 90 ball bingo game will cost you £1 per entry and you will be permitted to buy as many as 96 bingo tickets. The next grand up for grabs is in Tinsel Town, a game that runs daily from 7am until noon starting every hour. Bingo tickets for this game cost 50p each and will have you competing for a jackpot that could be worth up to a grand.

The biggest of the scheduled jackpots is undoubtedly BlockBuster Bingo, which could see you win as much £5,000 in this game playing on the last Friday of every month at 8pm. Entry to BlockBuster Bingo will set you back £1 per entry, a drop in the ocean when considering the ceiling of this jackpot is a massive £5,000. Every week at Bingo Hollywood there are a number of guaranteed bingo jackpot games that will give you the chance to scoop up come fab cash!

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