iPhone Bingo

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Mobile bingo is arguably one of the biggest and fastest immerging online gambling genres out there and there are tons of benefits to using your phone to play.

One device in particular that’s quite popular amongst online bingo players is the iPhone, this handy device has been at the forefront of bringing online gambling to the mobile market.

Browser Based Games Vs Downloadable Apps

When it comes to getting involved with mobile gaming on the iPhone you will normally have two options to try.

You can either go for accessing the site directly with your mobile browser or by downloading a few iPhone bingo apps. Both of these options have their own benefits for using them as well as some problems.

For starters you have the apps, these are free to download and also have a bigger interaction with social media; they can often include special rooms and are very quick to load up as they store all your logins.

However, the main problem with them is that they’re prone to crashing and it can take a while for them to download or update.

Bingo sites on the other hand require no installation or software updates so you can jump on them pretty quickly, they can have a wider range of games and they’re universally compatible on mobiles.

Their only downside is that if the site you’re using is down for maintenance you will have to go without your favourite games for a while.

Any Compatibility Problems?

Thanks to the improvements in software and technology, the majority of iPhone bingo sites out there work with almost every iPhone device.

Also, unlike Androids, iPhones have a pretty good track record with bingo sites and even the new iPhone 6 and older models with the new iOS8 can handle modern sites with little to no problems at all.

How to Stay Safe on These Sites

When you play on these sites there are a number of different methods you can use to ensure that you’re details and your cash remain safe.

One of the most popular choices for players is Ukash; this option uses a system of vouchers that come with special codes to keep your cash secure. Each voucher has its own unique code so it’s extremely difficult to compromise. Also, you can opt for buying vouchers from a store if you prefer to keep your card details off any sites you don’t quite trust.

Another option is to pay using your phone bill. How this system works is, you charge your deposits onto your monthly phone bill or your pay-as-you-go credit. It’s relatively easy and fast to use and you’re limited to top-ups of £10 so you will rarely go over budget.

iPhone Compatible Bingo Sites

Since their launch, iPhone bingo Sites have multiplied like proverbial rabbits, now there are a multitude of sites you can play on to get your fix of online mobile bingo games. Below is a small selection of sites that are worth checking out.

Glossy Bingo:

Sign up to this magazine themed bingo site and you can land a 250% bonus on top of any first deposit of at least £10.

Wink Bingo:

Not only will you get to enjoy this sites new design, you will also get to claim £10 worth of bingo tickets for free. Then when you deposit at least £10 you will be given a 250% bonus and a bonus wheel to spin to land up to £1,000 in cash.

Cheers Bingo:

With a fantastic party theme this site will give you £20 free when you deposit at least £10. Then, after you top up your account you will be able to spin a wheel to win up to £2,500 in cash.

Bingo Hollywood:

Featuring a brilliant Hollywood design, this site gives you a 300% bonus, seven days of free bingo and 1,000 Star Points for a deposit of just £5.

There’s nothing better than being able to play your favourite games on the go with your phone. There are tons of benefits to using your mobile to gamble and if you’ve never experienced it you’re definitely missing out!

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