iPad Bingo

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There are good reasons that the Apple iPad has earned the reputation for being the world’s best device for portable gaming — even beating out devices made by Sony and Nintendo.

The amazing thing is that while those other portable gamers were meant for this purpose, the iPad just happens to be the best for playing games (without really trying!). Before we look into it further let’s eye a few great iPad bingo sites:

Best iPad Bingo Sites

Since the iPad is such an incredibly good gaming machine, for whatever reason, all game sites do their best to make sure this device is fully supported. The following sites offering bingo for ipad succeed royally!

Lucky Cow

You can bag up to 500 free spins when you join Lucky Cow by spinning its Wheel of Slots. Many ongoing promotions are based upon this Wheel, which is much more fun than just getting a limited amount of bonus.


The welcome package here has changed to become the Wink Welcome Wagon, which gives you 7 days of free scratchies for prizes, bonuses and free spins each time. Once again, Wink sets a new trend.

888 ladies

The enticing welcome from this landmark of online and mobile bingo gives you 500% cash on your £10 outlay, plus the chance at up to £888 in winnings in its newbie room.


You’ll be cheerful when you receive £20 welcome cash and a chance on the Cheers bonus wheel, which will give you up to £2,500 as a prize right after joining!

Playing Bingo on iPad

There are a lot of things about Apple’s iPad that make it invincible when compared to other brands of tablets, including:

  • the sharpest screen resolution available
  • most responsive touch response of any screen
  • iOS programming that results in great bingo apps
  • status as the primary focus of bingo game makers

Compared to Kindle Fire

The Kindle tablet, as you probably know already, was originally developed by Amazon to be the world’s best e-reader for electronic books. So, common sense tells us that its hardware and configuration is meant for that purpose.

However, Kindle’s screen is very good, since that is part of what makes it a good e-reader. Yet, a tablet’s screen resolution or clarity is just one part of the performance puzzle.

The touch screen also must have snappy response to fingers in order to be good at gaming. In this area, there is nothing that tops iPad, and on this detail alone it is better than Kindle or any other tablet for that matter.

Browser Based vs Downloadable Apps

The whole gaming market has been shifting away from ‘native apps’ that require players to download, install and update them, as well as sacrifice device memory. Instead, bingo is being made available to play in the Web browser, a standard app.

There are numerous advantages to this shift. It means Apple users never have to think twice about compatibility even though their brand usually was supported by bingo apps for ipad anyway.

Browser-based gaming also means better performance, the latest game versions and optimised social bingo. Those are very valuable benefits that add up to the most fun.

Just-for-Fun vs Real Money iPad Bingo

Even though the top thrill is playing for real cash, there are numerous free bingo games for ipad such as Bingo Heaven, Bingo blitz and Bingo world.

Often these options are delivered inside Facebook, which is a very safe environment. Some are available as apps that can be used offline, which we must admit is a nice alternative.

One thing to understand is that even just-for-fun games may require small buy-ins, in order to keep playing (called in-app purchases). We think it makes more sense to just play ipad bingo at a site enabling bets on your cards, since that way you get the fun, and, the chance of winning!

The Best Portable Gamer Yet Invented

If you like bingo, and you want to play the mobile variety, then there simply is no better experience than doing so using an Apple iPad. For bingo, or other games like slots or various forms of entertainment including video playback, the iPad is the torchbearer for tablet technology.

Don’t expect that status to change anytime soon, either. Apple is making its product better every year, and no matter how popular Android tablets get, game developers will continue to privilege the one and only iPad.

That means you will have the most freedom and choice playing bingo on your iPad!

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