How Personal Technology Can Help Self-Growth Not Self-Indulgence

Personal technology has been on the rise for the past 10-15 years, and it has received a great deal of criticism, with opponents arguing that it stops people from interacting with others, increases lethargy, prevents a good work ethic, and generally works in the opposite way to personal growth. If you have been attempting self-improvement, then you may have already discarded your mobile phones and tablets in order to concentrate upon your personal strengths and weaknesses without the distraction of technology. However, if you have discarded all of your personal technology, then you could be failing to take advantage of the help that apps and other technologies can give to your struggles for self-improvement.

Learning apps

One of the most common pieces of advice given to people who want to incorporate self-growth into their lives is to learn something new. Education can transform your feelings about your career, your relationships and even your health, and it is also a great way to learn more about yourself through study. Personal learning transforms your mind, and personal technologies can really help you to commit to a course of learning online, either as a structured course or through an app designed to teach you language. Rather than indulging yourself on the train with games of Angry Birds or Solitaire, you could be improving yourself with lessons or advanced reading.

Using social media

The rise of social media networks is one place where personal technology is constantly being criticised as self-indulgent and distracting, but when it comes to personal growth social media can be very useful. While you are undergoing the challenge of self-improvement, you will need a place to go for support, and motivation, and social media is the perfect place for this. You might find a group willing to discuss your self-growth, or you might find healthy recipes, motivational articles and even workouts on social media sites. If your self-growth involves building your own business, joining a business social media site can even help you achieve your dream, rather than holding you back.

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Using apps for personal growth

The modern phone and tablet use apps to load programs onto your portable device, and if you want to build a handy reference library of all the personal -growth programs that you need. You may find apps that help you to concentrate more on health and fitness, or reading apps where you can store your favourite self-help books. With these apps, you are not being self-indulgent when you use personal technology. Instead, you are helping to reinforce the new rules that you have created to help you run your life.

Music and alarms

Personal technology can also help you in organising and then working through self-help goals, including sounding an alarm for an earlier start, or allowing you to listen to calming music when you need to relax, or want space to change your thinking after a stressful day at work.  Mobile technologies can assist you in all parts of your self-improvement plan.

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